Boston George Jung

Boston George Jung

Boston George Jung on Cape Cod

A recent post on twitter reminded me of the fact that Boston George Jung is kind of a cult hero to alot of the younger generation “ballers” out there.

Since the movie Blow came out almost ten years ago, Boston George has been in rap lyrics, has a Myspace page, has several Facebook fan pages and is on t-shirts, etc… with internet status like Tony Montana.

Disclaimer: I was never personally involved in any of the incidents outlined below. All of these stories were told to me by Boston George himself or his close local acquaintances who I knew through the commercial fishing industry twenty or so years ago. I also realize that this post is probably not going to get me any internet marketing clients, but I’ll take the street cred.

I met Boston George Jung here on Cape Cod in the late 80’s, early 90’s through one of my fishing industry connections. The man who introduced me to Boston George was an old fisherman friend of mine (now deceased), who I had known for years. Since he has grown children, I will just call him “Sneakers”.

Anyways “Sneakers” introduced me to Boston George some time before he met with author Bruce Porter. George was laying low at this time, as far as I could tell.

Porter wrote the book Blow: How a Small Town Boy Made $100 Million with the Medellin Cocaine Cartel and Lost It All, which was released in 1993. At the time I was told that George was paid $100,000 for his story. The book was the basis for the 2001 movie Blow starring Johnny Depp.

George was a big drinker at the time, so “Sneakers” and I would pick up George at the house he was living at in Harwich and take him down to the Wooden Shoe bar down the road in Dennisport for drinks. George loved vodka at the time and I was told that he drank most of the book proceeds away.

George told me many stories about his drug running career. How Manuel Noriega was his “banker” and when the US invaded Panama all his money was seized (about $20 million I was told).

He told of how he met Carlos Lehder in jail in Connecticut, which started the whole cocaine smuggling deal going. He also talked about going to Pablo Escobar’s ranch, how crazy it was there and that it was a very sketchy place.

Most of the cocaine smuggling stuff has been told in the movie, so I am not going to rehash that stuff here, but here are a few stories you may not have heard about Boston George Jung.

First a couple smuggling stories of note that were told to me from both George and “Sneakers”.

Chainsaw Runway

When they were running pot, one of their favorite vehicles was the Winnebago. They would take four or five guys and drive the Winnebago to the drop point where they would meet the plane.

One of these incidents involved driving to a remote highway in Texas, where two guys were dropped off. One with a chainsaw and one with a gun. The guy with the chainsaw would block the road by dropping a power pole across it. The guy with the gun would stay there to enforce the “roadblock”.

The Winnebago would then go up the road a ways and pull across the road blocking it from the other end. Then another guy would get out of the vehicle with a chainsaw and the two “lumberjacks” would work towards each other cutting down all the power poles along the side of the road, dropping them off to the side. This would give the plane a nice clear runway.

The plane would come in and land coming to a stop near the Winnebago where the goods were offloaded into the motor home. The guys would then turn the plane around by hand and it would take off in the other direction. Then they would take the motor home for ride back East, where the pot was distributed.

Pot Smuggling Fail

Another time they told me that they were getting paranoid that they were being tailed by the DEA, so they wanted to try a different way of hiding the pot in the Winnebago.

Instead of stuffing the motor home with the bales of pot, George had a connection somewhere down south place all the pot in six tires and put them on rims. They drove the Winnebago down to meet the connection and switched out all the tires on the vehicle with the pot filled tires. They then drove the Winnebago back to Cape Cod.

When they got back to the Cape, they took the rims and tires off and tried to get the pot out of there. I was told that the pot was so compressed from the centrifugal force and the heat from all the driving that they had to cut the tires away from it with a Sawzall.

“Sneakers” who was a giant guy (like Andre the Giant) told me that he was hitting it as hard as he could with a splitting maul and could not break enough of it off to “roll a joint”. The whole load ended up at the Dennis town dump, where it sits buried today.  Still in the shape of tires I would imagine…

Boston George’s Last Bust

In the Wikipedia entry it says without a citation:

After working some “clean” jobs, Jung began to work in the marijuana industry again. In 1994, he reconnected with his old Mexican marijuana smuggling partner and was arrested with 1,754 pounds of marijuana in Topeka, Kansas and faced a 15-year mandatory sentence

From what I remember George’s last arrest happened at his then girlfriend’s house right up the road in East Dennis, MA where he was busted with 300 lbs. of pot that was hidden in a fake wall under the cellar stairs.

Article from: The Boston Globe (Boston, MA)
Article date: April 16, 1995

George Jung once boasted of building the world’s most feared and opulent drug cartel.

On Friday, the Weymouth native was arrested for allegedly dealing marijuana from a sleepy house on Cape Cod.

Jung, 52, and two others — Linnea Jewett, 53, and Jesus Gomes Moreno, 43, of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico — are accused of trafficking marijuana from Jewett’s house on Cedar Hill Road in East Dennis, police said.

Following a State Police investigation of several months, police who raided the house shortly after 8 p.m. Friday found between 200 and 300 pounds of a “green, leafy vegetable matter thought to be marijuana,” said Sgt. Mark Conant of the East Dennis police. They also … (source)

According to “Sneakers” another ex-fisherman had driven a pickup truck to somewhere and drove a number of big drum cases (like bass drum cases) filled with pot back to the Cape where it was stashed in the house in East Dennis.

Apparently the DEA had followed him the whole way and had photographs of the vehicle every step of the way.

After the bust “Sneakers” was interrogated by the police several times. He told me they had pictures of him carrying boxes out of the east Dennis house and putting them in his car. He told me he just kept telling the investigators that the boxes were full of kitchen stuff and as far as I know he was never implicated.

Another funny thing about this whole story is that a guy I know bought the girlfriend’s house at auction after it was seized by the DEA and he lives there with his family to this day.

So that’s a few things about Boston George Jung you may not have heard. When I met George, he struck me as a broken man. He definitely lived an exciting lifestyle and may be a cult hero to some, but try to learn a life lesson or two from his story. There are many there to choose from…


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  1. George Jacob Jung (né le 6 août 1942), surnommé “George Boston”, a été un acteur majeur dans le commerce de la cocaïne aux Etats-Unis dans les années 1970 et début des années 1980. Jung faisait partie du cartel de Medellin qui a été responsable de plus de 85 pour cent de la cocaïne exportée vers les Etats-Unis. Il s’est spécialisé dans la contrebande de cocaïne depuis la Colombie sur une grande échelle. Son histoire a été dépeint dans le film Blow 2001, mettant en vedette Johnny Depp.

  2. George Jacob Jung (born August 6, 1942), nicknamed “Boston George”, was a major player in the cocaine trade in the United States in the 1970s and early 1980s. Jung was a part of the Medellín Cartel which was responsible for up to 85 percent of the cocaine smuggled into the United States. He specialized in the smuggling of cocaine from Colombia on a large scale. His life story was portrayed in the 2001 film Blow, starring Johnny Depp.

  3. I would love to sit down with someone and tell them my stories for a book. I have lived 10 lifetimes in my 43 years. I’ve been called a walking miracle by Doctors, paramedics, police,etc., for the amounts of substances I could partake of and still be alive. And still have an I.Q. near genius levels. My escapades have taken me from a small town in Ohio to Columbus, Ohio State, the Virgin Islands, Los Angeles, Miami, Port St. Lucie, Florida,Texas, and the list goes on. During all my years of partying, selling small, selling big, muling, smuggling….I still got a college degree, worked for years as a print model, fitness trainer, swimsuit model, and other things. This was back during a time when men controlled the drug trade and I was one of the first females to get into it at such a high level. I was never a street corner dealer or a skid row junkie. I made so much money and I spent it all. I was known for my honesty and loyalty in a business where that is rare. Check out my Facebook page and you can see so many pictures of beautiful me with my wonderful friends in every type of setting. I love the movie “Blow”. I would love to sit and talk with George Jung. I find the character of him played by Johnny Depp to be one of the good guys. Someone I would really get along with. If only that were possible. Thanks for reading my post here. Peace!

  4. you sound like a loser you brag about being a great drug dealer what are you hiding under all that noise

  5. Couldn’t possibly have genius level IQ if 1. you wrote that post 2. you’re baiting yourself like that for prison 3. you spent all of your money and 4. you’re an idiot, THAT’s why there’s no movie or book done after you.

  6. I think that you may be the one who needs to look in a mirror before you accuse anyone of being an idiot! It is common knowledge that it is illegal to consume, sell, or smuggle drugs but it is NOT illegal to admit to it way after the fact. Last I knew you had to be caught in the act. Think about it for a minute. If you do not agree with someones lifestyle that is definitely your choice but doing what she did does not mean that she can’t posses a high I.Q.

  7. Thanks Mike for having my back on my post. Obviously, that one post from me is just the tip of the iceberg of the stories I want to share. I was NOT bragging…just stating some facts from my life that I know to be true. I have received many interesting comments on Facebook regarding my post. Most were from real nice people asking for more stories. Others found my post to be intrigued by my post, especially the fact that I am a female and I was involved in a male dominated “career”. Stay tuned for more stories. Thanks to all who responded in such positive ways. The rest of you should read Mike’s post, because he really lays down the truth! Good things, Darby

  8. well, we can all say that the lifestyle must have been great, and also that the big suppliers are the ones hurting so many people too,,, but look at it through the eyes of a man, who had a little baby girl, a girl’s life that he missed out on, i’m a mess when i don’t see my niece for a few days, and he was totally cut off from his doughter, and the promise he made to her to take her to california, she waited all that time for her daddy, this is a real life story, how we all go out and try to be good providers, to make money, to take risks, to take care of the ones we love so much, and how it sometimes crumbles rite in our very hands, no matter how tight we try holding it all together… at how sometimes we try so hard to just be there and be everything for a little someone, and how we just can’t follow through with that simple thing, the simple thing of just being there, just sitting next to the one person in this world that is our world, and to george,,, that little girl was his world, she was his heart

  9. She’s a liar…..look her up online…actress, porn star…loser!

  10. i thin the movie was great and i was so sad that he could not see his daughter at least one last time.! my heart goes out to that young woman because i grew up without a father and i know how hard it can be.! anywho just got done watching blow for the millionth time and everytime i cry at the end when he records the message for his dad and, when he imagines his daughter visiting him in prison :'(

  11. Handle the truth? Then you should have done your homework before posting your lies. An indie film with some topless scenes does not a “porn star” make. “Beyond Dream’s Door”. That’s the movie. That’s it..the truth. As for your “loser” label? You don’t know me. So that too is without merit.
    Anyway,on to better things…D-Raz, your post is amazing. Your words brought out many emotions for me, and others too, I’m sure. Well put, Robert. Thank you.

  12. Winner is a better label for you, Darby. How many losers get to be in a movie? If you were loser, you would have lost your life years ago after consuming all the drugs you did. People with high IQs are usually crazy. What you did was crazy as hell. I loved the move “Blow”. If they made a movie of your life, I’m sure it would be on the same level and would be worth watching. Good luck Darby.

  13. Darby Vasbinder writes about what it was like in the 70s & 80s. Lots of people were caught up in a rough n’tumble world of drugs. To people born after these times it seems like so much BS. There are lots and lots of people out here who could write 3 books and noone would believe a word of any of them.Keep on truckin’ Darby

  14. This woman does a lot of whining. Why not instead thrill us with your acumen. Tell something real to blow us away like George did and perhaps you’ll achieve what you really desire: fame.

    Why wait for a writer to come beating down your door? Educated people do their own writing. Perhaps then the whole world will be reading websites on
    you and not just George.

    I’ll be looking for you on a best seller list, not facebook. This should only take YOU a few weeks, according to your credentials. Looking forward to your equal match. Larry King should admire you as much as you admire yourself.

    Want to hear discussion on George. He’s doing the time… not you.

  15. Lots of love George,

    I pray forgiveness finds you and your daughter, and you once again find and experience the joy of love.

    Merry Christmas. (As much as it can be in prison.)

    Hope to see you on the outside soon.


  16. Hello. I haven’t been on here for a good bit of time so I enjoyed reading the posts others have shared since the last time. First, I want to thank ambrjak and Douglas for your positive and supportive comments. I appreciate the fact that you can put your thoughts up here and have my back. To Nicko, I just have a few things to say: I too did time in prison. Not any kind of time like Mr. Jung did; but of course this is not a competition. And, I did not mention this before, but I have compiled many chapters for what I hope to be my first book. And since I am using my real name on here, I guess you’ll know it when you see it. Now, on to the real topic… “Blow” continues to be one of my favorite movies. And you know what’s neat? Each time I watch it I see something new! Every time though, the image of Christina waiting for George outside of her house with her suitcase always breaks my heart. Since I chose not to have children, I cannot even imagine what it was like for George to know he had broken his promise to his daughter. I do hope that by this time, Christina “Sunshine” has forgiven her father and gone to see him! Thanks again to my know who you are! Peace, Darby

  17. I was wondering if there is any hidden money on the cape near the house or money hidden on the beech in ca also his daughter lives I concord ca married with children George is a hero’s

  18. I’m much younger than anyone who partied in the 70’s but I still related with this movie. On a much smaller scale I have seen better than average sums and had worse than hard times because of it. I think people still relate to a descent person doing things for money and power that are less than reputable. This is my favorite movie of all time and anyone with any experiences even close to George can relate to what u feel inside during these times. Have fun

  19. Why do you choose not to have children? Is it possibly that you’re an indigo adult?

  20. Well first I would like to say that you shouldn’t blame the suppliers, its not their fault peple are doing drugs. People have a choice to do the drugs, people aren’t going up to you and putting a gun to your head to snort coke, or smoke weed. I do gamble in the buisness, but I don’t do the drug, in all that’s my choice.

  21. Believe it or not, a lot of people were in the drug buisness when it boomed. People you may know, that you wouldn’t think of. If you do get to meet someone like I did, listen to ther stories and what they have to say. You will learn a lot not just about the drugs or lifestyle, but generally in life. Its increadible to me, may not be for some of you, but you have to see from where they came from, and what they ended up to be.

  22. Hey Darby well like u im a big fan of blow and of the history of George Jung and i like how u see the whole moral tohis life and id like to get to know you u know just ro share stories and stuff 🙂

  23. I once a can of snuff into class at college…. There is NO Tobacco allowed on campus…. HAH!! And you guys think you were big time!!

  24. Hi George! Hi everyone!! It has been awhile since my last post. Again, I want to thank my supporters! Your kind and wise comments give me a real sense of unity with you. I also wanted to give you an update: just 11 days ago, December 8th, 2012, I celebrated 4 years of drug-free living. Who’d of thought?? 🙂 As for the book…I can’t believe how much comes pouring out whenever I sit down to write. I guess my next question(s) would be: who do I go to first? Book agent? Publishing House? Literary attorney? And of course I need to get all of my work copyrighted, yes? Where to go for that? I know I can research all of this on-line, which I will, I just thought some of you might know from experience what my next step should be. Thanks for taking time out of your day to read my posts. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!! Until next time…Peace! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours!! 🙂

  25. There is something wrong with this Darby girl. She craves fame and to be something she really isn’t I can’t believe she actually has got on here multiple times to post about her “life” as she sees it. I will never understand why people do the things they do. I’m now more intrigued on the way Darby sees herself and desires to be than the actual article. She says she has wrote a book about her life but nobody knows or cares who she is in actuality nor has she even caim up with an interesting story on here to grab anyone’s attention but claims she has such a high iq. I think the only way someone will write about you is for a mental evaluation. Good luck on that book hahah hope to see it on the new Yorks best seller list. And by the way dabbling in a career with one swimsuit picture doesn’t mean your a model or an actress the things you had to do to get in that cheaply produced movie I can only imagine. You are in your 40s no longer even have a body that would be considered for any type of media give up your dream it didn’t happen and never will.

  26. Leave darby the hell alone. I to have lived a mad crazy life fueled by drugs and mad parties and raves. Im 39 and had 22 years of it to be precise. But I to have now been drug free for 4 years. I would like to write a book about my life. Sometimes its how you deal with moving on and leaving the past behind, especially if its been your way of life for so long. Good luck darby 🙂

  27. Let me tell you all something you all better look in the mirror slowly and ask your self who you really are. I Pepito,AKA,also known by that stupit nickname, infact remember something when they were release from Danburry,conn federal prison with carlos lehder ,neither one had any money ,airplane,or large amount of coke,they in 1976 had zero— a exgirlfriend Jamel N.Y cubanamerican hot to go was carlos first wife, she sold her 74 mustang to help smuggle carlos thru Canada in 1976 the record are there in canada, if it wern’t for jamel carlos and george would of been drunks like george.

  28. when i was in FCI for 12 years thank to george the drunk, all the big drug dealer in prison ,some of the one that made a couple om millions with their fishing boat nice and slow was the way to come in ,anyway they had plenty of girlfriend visiting ,plent of picture of cars ,plane ,more then one property, lots of magazine , now think? has anybody ever seen any car,boat ,plane,property bunch of whore hanging on to you like goupy, I can bet you 500 dollers those picture don’t exit, infact i jose ahmed was the translater for the colombian cartel back in the mid 70, only i know the real story who george jung was,need proof look for my 85 indictment bin ft,laurdale , im the guy they want to dissappear because you all have been dupe including johnny depp

  29. Yes, and i know his burnt out wife mirta,AKA, penvelope cruz, She also got Duope, so many millions but i was the only one with a bad attorney,they had Public Pretender for attorneys,when you make millions of dollers in CASH there is alway plenty of assets laying around not with george. only i know the truth because Jamel die 5 years ago in N.Y, YOU ALL HAVE BEEN FOOL INCLUDIND DEPP, CRUZ, AND tHE MOVIE PRODUCER LEME,OR SOMETHING , Anyway coke kill him .