Local Lead Generation (Local Affiliate Marketing)

What is Local Lead Generation? Local lead generation is a local affiliate marketing service that supplies new customer leads to business clients. Using online and offline sources, the local lead generation company will acquire leads targeted to the client’s business niche and sell them to the business client. Most often these are flat fee per lead agreements (like you will find with CPL lead affiliate programs), but there are other … Continue reading

Search Engine Registration & Other SCAM Emails

CapeLinks owns hundreds of domain names and operates several different websites, so my contact information is all over the internet. Every day I receive hundreds of spam and scam emails for all sorts of offers. Many times these scams target me through the websites and domain names that I own. They get my contact info from the domain name WHOIS database or fill out the contact forms on one of … Continue reading

Hyperlocal Adwords Targeting Example

Online advertising can be big money, but it doesn’t have to be. If your business is targeting the right customers in the right areas you can be extremely effective with a small budget. Below is part of a simple example Adwords advertising campaign for a fictitious widget rental company located in the Mid Cape Cod area. A very simple hyperlocal Google Adwords example Let’s say we own a widget rental … Continue reading

Like Share Combo for Facebook Landing Pages

Here’s a quick tip to get some more mileage out of your Facebook advertising dollars. If you are advertising on Facebook and sending people to a custom landing page use a Like/Share Combo on the landing page. Place it above the fold right where people coming from your FB ads will see it. Put it right in their face. This has converted really well on landing pages for me. The … Continue reading

Local Search Marketing & Optimization

Local search is red hot right now. I have been optimizing local search listings for a number of local businesses lately. These businesses cover a wide range of niches, so I have had a really good look at the Cape Cod area local search listings scene. From what I have seen in my research for clients, there are many local businesses missing out on more customers by not optimizing their … Continue reading