Add Global Footer to All WordPress Multisite Network Themes

If you run a WordPress multisite setup and want to add a global footer to all the themes of all the sites in your network, here’s how to do it: Create the php file below and upload it to your wp-content/mu-plugins folder <?php function my_custom_footer() { echo ‘YOUR HTML CODE GOES HERE’; } add_action( ‘wp_footer’, ‘my_custom_footer’ ); ?> That’s it. via … Continue reading

Website Forensics: A Compromised Website

A long time friend and client contacted me saying that he had received a notice from his web host that his website was exceeding the allowed storage on his hosting plan. The web hosting company said that his website was WAY over the storage limit they had allotted to him. He provided me with access to his hosting account and Web server. Once I got in there and poked around … Continue reading

Website Redesign: A Tale of Three Websites

A client running an historic bed and breakfast inn contacted me because he wasn’t sure where he was at with his website and he hired me to take a look at what was going on. He told me that he had hired a web designer that was working on a new website for him, but he wasn’t happy with the way his website was turning out. Once I got access … Continue reading

Why You Need to Concentrate on Mobile Now

Why you need to concentrate on mobile users to succeed online. I operate a large network of my own websites and maintain numerous client websites. One thing is for sure, mobile use is on the rise. The statistics from these websites show a steady increase in visitors using mobile devices of all kinds. Some of these websites have a larger percentage of mobile visitors than others (in some cases nearly … Continue reading

Responsive Web Design: Responsive Websites For the Win

What is responsive design? It is designing, or redesigning a website to adapt to the various screen sizes of different devices (desktop computers, laptop computers, tablets, game consoles and mobile phones) and give your users a consistent experience across all of their devices and screen sizes. Responsive Web Design: Think Mobile First If your website doesn’t work well on all mobile devices, you are missing out on and frustrating a … Continue reading