Facebook Advertising is a Different Animal

For your business to get the most out of Facebook advertising you need to take a good hard look at who your customer is and what they are interested in.

With Google Adwords (if you are doing it right), your ads should be seen by people that are almost ready to buy or ready to buy your product or service.

Facebook’s users are at the other end of the buying cycle or “the pre-buying cycle.”

People on Facebook are playing games and chatting with friends, they are not there looking for your product or service. If you go into Facebook advertising thinking you are targeting the same people you do with Adwords, you will fail.

Assume that every Facebook user is a “tire kicker” and try to leverage interest targeting that will get people into the buying cycle.

Target Facebook users with interests that cause a pain that your product or service can cure.

The interest group on Facebook that you think is a slam dunk for your product or service may not yield the results you expect.

You may have to rethink who your customer really is to generate interest with Facebook ads. Forget everything you know from Adwords and think outside the box.

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