Facebook Fan Page Updates, Can Your Fans See Them?

You’ve built your Facebook page and got tons of fans after tricking out your fan page, but a large percentage of your page’s fans may not be seeing your updates in their news feed. If your fans have more than 250 friends, they are probably not seeing your updates. Unless they have manually changed their feed settings.

I have seen my Facebook friends posting about not being able to see other friends updates and the back and forth about how to change the setting to allow more updates in the Live Feed. So this is apparently a pretty common snafu for those with over 250 friends.

It’s not something that most people would even realise, unless they notice they are not seeing certain updates.

All your fans that have under 250 friends are seeing your updates fine, but your most popular fans may not be seeing any.

Adhustler has the story, Major Facebook Flaw:

A lot of businesses start Facebook Pages in order to keep Facebook Users (Fans) connected to their brand.  What they don’t realize is that fans of your page aren’t getting your updates.

That’s right.  A large percentage of your fans probably are NOT getting your updates, making Facebook as a point of contact pretty useless for businesses using Facebook Pages.

It’s really hard for you to know whether your fans can see your updates or not. Anyone that ‘likes” or comments can obviously see your links and updates, but as far as everybody else you may never know.

If fans of your page are in a demographic where they are apt to have more than 250 friends, like college students for example, it’s hard to say if the majority of them can see your updates. Although you would think that people with several hundred friends would be more FB savvy and know about how to change this setting.

How to change the number of friends shown in live feed

At the bottom of your news feed there is a link named “Edit Options.”

Once you click on this link you will see the people that you have set to be hidden from your news feed as well as suggested friends and other feed options.

One of the options is Maximum number of friends shown in Live Feed. That option defaults to 250. If you change that option to a number higher then the amount of friends you have, you will now see Page Updates in your feed.

You could send out an update telling your fans to change this setting, but anyone that has more than 250 friends ain’t gonna see it. A classic conundrum.

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