Hyperlocal Adwords Targeting Example

Online advertising can be big money, but it doesn’t have to be. If your business is targeting the right customers in the right areas you can be extremely effective with a small budget. Below is part of a simple example Adwords advertising campaign for a fictitious widget rental company located in the Mid Cape Cod area.

A very simple hyperlocal Google Adwords example

Let’s say we own a widget rental business in the Mid Cape Cod area and want to run paid advertising on Google Adwords. Here’s one part of a campaign we might use:

We would setup the campaign to run with very long list of “exact match keywords” like:

sample Mid Cape Cod widget rental ad

Mid Cape Cod widget rental ad

  • “widget rental”
  • “widget rentals”
  • “where can i rent a widget”
  • “where can we rent widgets”
  • “rent widgets”
  • “cape cod widget rental”
  • “widget rentals cape cod”
  • and many, many, many more …

Now since we are only renting widgets to people in the Mid Cape area, we use the geotargeting settings to target people that search for the above keywords within 10 miles of our business location.

Hyperlocal Adwords ad targeting

Hyperlocal Online Ad Targeting

Notice how we also specified in the ad copy above that we rent widgets in the Mid Cape Cod area only?

This will discourage clicks from people who might be inside the target area, but want the widget delivered outside of our service area.

This ad copy strategy also gives the people who are in our service area a sense of exclusivity and let’s them know that we are the place to call for widgets in the Mid Cape area.

In addition, we would also use negative keywords to eliminate showing up for non relevant searches.

We would also run an additional campaign that had no geotargeting but included only exact match location based searches in our service area¬† like “widget rental yarmouth ma”, “dennis ma widget rentals”, etc…

Misspellings would be added to all campaign keyword lists along with a few other tactics to round out a complete widget rental Adwords campaign.

Since the targeting is extremely tight (a 10 mile area) and widgets are not super popular rental items, the budget here is going to be relatively low. However, this ad campaign should convert extremely well for us which means more of the right widget rental customers.

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