Loads of Hacked Local Cape Cod Websites

Just for kicks I ran some searches on Google looking for hacked local websites. Google found 321,000 documents just searching for Cape Cod viagra.

I poked around the first ten or eleven pages of results to see who had been hacked and found dozens of local websites that were hacked with hidden pharmacy links.

A couple of the more well known “Cape Cod” sites were:

Cape Cod Potato Chips

Cape Cod Potato Chips

Cape Cod Potato Chips

The Yarmouth Chamber of Commerce

Yarmouth Chamber of Commerce

Yarmouth Chamber of Commerce

I found churches, landscapers, spas, lawyers, ecommerce sites, etc… all with compromised websites.

Heck, even Chris Lambton’s site got hit…

Chris Lambton

Chris Lambton

Most of these hacked sites were WordPress websites where the theme or a plugin had been compromised, but a few of them were on other website software.

How to find out if your website has been compromised

To find out if your website is unwillingly enabling the sales of illegal pharmacy products, to Google and search for:

site:yourdomainname.com viagra

Google should say:

Your search – site:yourdomainname.com viagra – did not match any documents.

If it shows any results for the search above, your website has been hacked, or may have been comment spammed. Either way you have a problem.

How to fix this problem

If Google found compromised documents on your website after searching as outlined above, here’s what you should do:

  1. Fire your webmaster.
  2. Contact me.

I’m just kidding about firing your webmaster.

However, if your web designer, webmaster or IT guy, etc… can’t fix your website without trashing it and starting over, or doesn’t know how to try to prevent this from happening again, you should definitely contact me.

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