Local Lead Generation (Local Affiliate Marketing)

What is Local Lead Generation? Local lead generation is a local affiliate marketing service that supplies new customer leads to business clients. Using online and offline sources, the local lead generation company will acquire leads targeted to the client’s business niche and sell them to the business client. Most often these are flat fee per lead agreements (like you will find with CPL lead affiliate programs), but there are other … Continue reading

Search Engine Registration & Other SCAM Emails

CapeLinks owns hundreds of domain names and operates several different websites, so my contact information is all over the internet. Every day I receive hundreds of spam and scam emails for all sorts of offers. Many times these scams target me through the websites and domain names that I own. They get my contact info from the domain name WHOIS database or fill out the contact forms on one of … Continue reading

Monster Shark: A Great White Christmas on Cape Cod

On December 18, 2010, I heard a report that a boat encountered a very large great white shark (reportedly 20+ ft. long) that was entangled in fishing gear a few miles off the Chatham, Massachusetts coast. I am a commercial fisherman myself and I know all the local fisherman. So, after some digging around, I was sent three cell phone pictures of the monster great white shark from an anonymous … Continue reading

Into the Darkness: Tactical and Practical Advice

Tactical & Practical Advice to Gain Advantage in the Dark In the spirit of general randomness, here are a few tips to help you in low visibility situations due to darkness. Before you leave a well lit area for a dark one, close your eyes for a few seconds. This will give you a big advantage. When your eyes are adjusting to darkness, you are vulnerable due to temporary blindness. … Continue reading

Boston George Jung

A recent post on twitter reminded me of the fact that Boston George Jung is kind of a cult hero to alot of the younger generation “ballers” out there. Since the movie Blow came out almost ten years ago, Boston George has been in rap lyrics, has a Myspace page, has several Facebook fan pages and is on t-shirts, etc… with internet status like Tony Montana. Disclaimer: I was never … Continue reading