Hire Service Providers Using CraigsList the Smart Way

There’s no doubt that there are people advertising on CraigsList that will work for cheap. There are hundreds of classified ads on the local CL from people offering services like painting, landscaping, handyman help, building websites, bookkeeping and a million other services. The only problem with that is, well it’s CraigsList. By that I mean there is no vetting process or requirement of qualifications to place an ad on sites … Continue reading

Hyperlocal Adwords Targeting Example

Online advertising can be big money, but it doesn’t have to be. If your business is targeting the right customers in the right areas you can be extremely effective with a small budget. Below is part of a simple example Adwords advertising campaign for a fictitious widget rental company located in the Mid Cape Cod area. A very simple hyperlocal Google Adwords example Let’s say we own a widget rental … Continue reading

Like Share Combo for Facebook Landing Pages

Here’s a quick tip to get some more mileage out of your Facebook advertising dollars. If you are advertising on Facebook and sending people to a custom landing page use a Like/Share Combo on the landing page. Place it above the fold right where people coming from your FB ads will see it. Put it right in their face. This has converted really well on landing pages for me. The … Continue reading

Facebook Advertising is a Different Animal

For your business to get the most out of Facebook advertising you need to take a good hard look at who your customer is and what they are interested in. With Google Adwords (if you are doing it right), your ads should be seen by people that are almost ready to buy or ready to buy your product or service. Facebook’s users are at the other end of the buying … Continue reading

Facebook Advertising vs. Google Adwords Overview

There are several things that are different about Google Adwords and Facebook Advertising. If you are considering advertising on both networks, here’s what you need to know. Adwords and Facebook Ads both offer geotargeting, which makes both networks a good choice for local advertisers. Apart from geographic targeting, each network is very different in how you target the right users for your niche and you must keep this in mind … Continue reading