Loads of Hacked Local Cape Cod Websites

Just for kicks I ran some searches on Google looking for hacked local websites. Google found 321,000 documents just searching for Cape Cod viagra. I poked around the first ten or eleven pages of results to see who had been hacked and found dozens of local websites that were hacked with hidden pharmacy links. A couple of the more well known “Cape Cod” sites were: Cape Cod Potato Chips The … Continue reading

Website Forensics: A Compromised Website

A long time friend and client contacted me saying that he had received a notice from his web host that his website was exceeding the allowed storage on his hosting plan. The web hosting company said that his website was WAY over the storage limit they had allotted to him. He provided me with access to his hosting account and Web server. Once I got in there and poked around … Continue reading

Bad Press: A Reputation Management Case Study

A client came to me a couple years ago regarding a problem he was having when people searched for his name on Google. In his prior job, he was accused of sexual harassment and the local newspapers had published articles about the case that included his name in the articles. This created a huge online reputation management problem for him. The sexual harassment case was dropped, his name was cleared, … Continue reading

Website Redesign: A Tale of Three Websites

A client running an historic bed and breakfast inn contacted me because he wasn’t sure where he was at with his website and he hired me to take a look at what was going on. He told me that he had hired a web designer that was working on a new website for him, but he wasn’t happy with the way his website was turning out. Once I got access … Continue reading