Vacation Rental Phishing Scams

I had a client of mine call me last week. He said someone tried to hijack his Homeaway vacation home rental listing and scam one of his potential renters by contacting the renter and acting as if they were my client (the property owner). Anatomy of  a Vacation Rental Scam In a nutshell, this is how it happened. Because he rents his house for ~$5000/week, my client checks his emails … Continue reading

Search Engine Registration & Other SCAM Emails

CapeLinks owns hundreds of domain names and operates several different websites, so my contact information is all over the internet. Every day I receive hundreds of spam and scam emails for all sorts of offers. Many times these scams target me through the websites and domain names that I own. They get my contact info from the domain name WHOIS database or fill out the contact forms on one of … Continue reading