Loads of Hacked Local Cape Cod Websites

Just for kicks I ran some searches on Google looking for hacked local websites. Google found 321,000 documents just searching for Cape Cod viagra. I poked around the first ten or eleven pages of results to see who had been hacked and found dozens of local websites that were hacked with hidden pharmacy links. A couple of the more well known “Cape Cod” sites were: Cape Cod Potato Chips The … Continue reading

How to Advertise & Market a Vacation Rental Property

With the economy the way it is, having a successful vacation rental season may make or break some people that own second homes, so follow along and learn how to market your vacation rental property like a pro. I wrote an article several years ago on advertising vacation rentals and figured it was time to update it. But instead of rewriting that one, I figured I’d write a new, more … Continue reading

Hyperlocal Adwords Targeting Example

Online advertising can be big money, but it doesn’t have to be. If your business is targeting the right customers in the right areas you can be extremely effective with a small budget. Below is part of a simple example Adwords advertising campaign for a fictitious widget rental company located in the Mid Cape Cod area. A very simple hyperlocal Google Adwords example Let’s say we own a widget rental … Continue reading

Local Search Marketing & Optimization

Local search is red hot right now. I have been optimizing local search listings for a number of local businesses lately. These businesses cover a wide range of niches, so I have had a really good look at the Cape Cod area local search listings scene. From what I have seen in my research for clients, there are many local businesses missing out on more customers by not optimizing their … Continue reading

Facebook Advertising vs. Google Adwords Overview

There are several things that are different about Google Adwords and Facebook Advertising. If you are considering advertising on both networks, here’s what you need to know. Adwords and Facebook Ads both offer geotargeting, which makes both networks a good choice for local advertisers. Apart from geographic targeting, each network is very different in how you target the right users for your niche and you must keep this in mind … Continue reading