“Local” Listing & Advertising Services: Buyer Beware…

Hyperlocal Adwords ad targeting

If you’re like most small business owners, you find yourself being pitched and sold by numerous “local” online advertising services and if you are not sure exactly what you are getting for the money, you should hire a trusted third-party consultant to help you. Getting involved with these companies can mean that they own you and all your free local listings. Local Listing Services There are so many different advertising … Continue reading

Local Lead Generation (Local Affiliate Marketing)

What is Local Lead Generation? Local lead generation is a local affiliate marketing service that supplies new customer leads to business clients. Using online and offline sources, the local lead generation company will acquire leads targeted to the client’s business niche and sell them to the business client. Most often these are flat fee per lead agreements (like you will find with CPL lead affiliate programs), but there are other … Continue reading