Local Search Marketing & Optimization

Local search is red hot right now. I have been optimizing local search listings for a number of local businesses lately. These businesses cover a wide range of niches, so I have had a really good look at the Cape Cod area local search listings scene. From what I have seen in my research for clients, there are many local businesses missing out on more customers by not optimizing their … Continue reading

Measuring ROI: Customer Acquisition Cost

What is a new customer worth to your business? Do you know what it costs you to acquire a new customer? If you said no, how do you expect to measure the return on your advertising dollars? If you are serious about growing your business, you need to start tracking your ad response rates. This will enable you to judge which advertising dollars are being well spent and which part … Continue reading

Toyota Recall: Local Advertising Opportunity

Local car dealers should take advantage of this story… Last week when the news broke that Toyota would be recalling millions of it’s top selling models because of a “sudden acceleration” problem with the vehicle gas pedals or floor mats, I started to monitor the search results for “Toyota recall” to see who would be jumping on the advertising bandwagon first. I noticed a few things within the first two … Continue reading