Responsive Websites: Making Video and other iFrame Embeds Responsive

Since video and other embeds using iframes are always coded with iframe height and width properties, this causes problems on responsive websites. Here’s one method to make your video embeds from YouTube, Vimeo and any other iframe based embeds respond along with your website to user’s different screen sizes. This method can be used for any other iframe embeds as well (slide shares, documents, etc…) First you will need to … Continue reading

Cheap Production, Free distribution, Using Video to Grow Your Business

You don’t have to have a big budget to be effective with video marketing. Video production is cheap. Distribution is Free. If you are not video marketing online, you should be. The barriers to entry are virtually non-existent. The Audience Online Video continues to show solid growth – up 34.9% in time spent during 2009. (Nielsen) The average U.S. Viewer Watched 6.4 Hours of Online Video During the Month of … Continue reading