Using the Mapping Feature (Geocoding a Specific Location)
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Geocoding Map Locations

If you write a post about a specific location you can geocode the location and have a map appear in your post. The map will include a point referencing the location and when clicked it will enable the user to get driving directions to that location.

Geocoding simply means getting the latitude and longitude coordinates for a specific location. The lat/long coordinates are required by the mapping function.

To get lat/long coords for a known street address you can use the following method:

Geocoding a street address can be accomplished from our geocoding page by entering the street address in the search box. The results will show the Lat/Long coordinates.

To get lat/long coordinates for a location without a street address you can use the following methods:

We made a special map page for getting lat/long coords. To get lat/long coordinates for a specific location drag and zoom the map to the desired location then click the map in the location you want coordinates for. The map will re-center to the point you clicked and the lat/long coordinates will appear above the map. The more you zoom in the more accurate the coordinates will be. (this will also work in satellite view as well.)

You can also use a GPS device to get lat/long coords from a specific location by visiting that location and jotting down the lat/long coordinates. Not everyone has one and you don’t need one to participate in mapping your posts. (though they are relatively cheap these days)