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Disaster Services: Storm Preparation, Damage Cleanup, Repair

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Cape Cod Disaster Services

Be Prepared:
Get a storm protection retrofit estimate for your Cape Cod home. Have a storm preparedness assessment done ahead of time. Don’t wait until just before the storm hits to try to cover your windows and stow your outdoor goods. Everyone knows that things like plywood are very hard to find once a storm is forecast to hit the Cape.

Have a plan of action for an impending hurricane, Nor’Easter or Cape Cod winter storm. We can create a storm preparation plan for your property, make “storm shutters” for your home and have them ready for installation at any time. With your house “boarded up”, you will be ready for anything.

These storm “shutters” can also be used on your home while you are not there, over the Winter, to limit possible damage from Winter storms and high winds which are common during Cape Cod’s off-seasons. Boarding up your house during the off-season can also protect it from vandalism.

After the Storm:
Get a report on any damage your property may have sustained. We will go to your property, take pictures, and send them to you via web/email along with cleanup/repair estimates (if necessary).

After storm assessments and cleanup services. Removal of downed trees, debris and storm damage repairs. Structural damage assessments & repairs. Heavy equipment and hauling.

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