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  • Project Graduation Auction
    This year’s big fundraiser is the annual Live Auction which will be held on Saturday, April 27th at the Nauset Regional Middle School in Orleans. The doors will open at 5:30pm for auction viewing…
  • WES Fest!
    The WES PTA is holding it’s 4th annual WES Fest! The Saturday of Memorial Day weekend, May 25, 2013 from 10am to 3pm.
  • Cape Cod Shuttle
    Cape Cod Shuttle..for all of your transportation needs on and off Cape Cod Whether you need a safe ride for that special event, or a night on the town we provide comfortable transport for just…
  • Comfort Inn Cape Cod Whale Watch & Island Hop Packages
    Check out our NEW Family or Couple Whale Watch Packages or Family or Couple Cape & Island Hop Package!
  • A Local Perspective
    Although I’ve lived on Cape for more than two decades, and my children were born on the peninsula, I’m a wash-a-shore, one of those not so quite endearing words used to describe folks not delivered…
  • Wellfleet Oysters
    by Karen Ellery Jones Renowned for its quaint New England seaside charm, the icy Atlantic that rarely breaks 60 degrees, the spectacular sunsets at First Encounter Beach in Eastham and the rolling…
  • What to do memorial day weekend? The 3rd annual WES Fest!
    The 3rd Annual WES Fest! Saturday May 26, yes, Memorial Day weekend, from 10am-3pm.  This is a fun filled day for the family! Come join us for our carnival with real mechanical rides such as the pirate…
  • Whale Watching On Cape Cod - A Truly Spectacular Adventure
    If you’re visiting Cape Cod between the months of April and October, one of the most thrilling ways to spend a few hours is on a Cape Cod whale watching trip. It is the quintessential Cape Cod…
  • Carluccios Cape Cod
    The Grand opening of Carluccio’s Deli and Pastry Shop is on February 7, 2011 all day! The new deli and cafe will offer authentic Italian dishes - pizza, pasta, salads and pastries. There will…
  • 5 Favorite Cape Cod Kayaking Trips
    There are dozens of places to go kayaking on Cape Cod from tranquil tidal rivers to crashing ocean surf. With spring just around the corner and people already starting to make plans for their Cape Cod…
  • Tips for Advertising Your Vacation Rental Property
    Cape Cod vacation rental property owners often overlook simple things that can be the difference between booked and unbooked weeks. Below is the secret to advertising your vacation rental property online…
  • Cape Cod Beaches: Save on Those Pesky Parking Fees!
    Cape Cod beaches are some of the best beaches in the world. So it should come as no surprise that there’s a price tag attached to visiting them. But ... if you know how, you can save on the parking…
  • Cape Cod Home Improvement Services
    Get matched to qualified local Cape Cod contractors and home service providers. Hundreds of services including everything from air conditioning to waste disposal and anything in between.
  • Pride of Provincetown
    The people of Provincetown are genuinely proud of the historic fact that it was at Provincetown that the memorable voyage of the Mayflower came to an end. It was there that her anchor, last wet…
  • Pilgrim Bill of Fare
    The Pilgrims had a tough time to survive their first winter. Food was the biggest problem. Hungry people cannot fight weakness or discouragement half so well as when they are filled and their appetites…
  • Gaynor & Dent Consignments South Dennis
    “Consignments shops are hot these days, and there is always another take on the model,” says proprietress Deb Ehnstrom. “Gaynor & Dent Consignments has unique antiques, collectibles,…
  • Wampanoag Tribes and Cape Wind
    This letter is to address the editorial by the Boston Globe newspaper on Oct. 27 which opposes the claim that the Wampanoag tribe should have Nantucket Sound placed on the National Register of Historic…
  • 2009 Great White Shark Season Wrap Up
    Two kayakers reported the first great white attack on a seal August 19, 2009. Cape Codders Bruce Bean and…
  • Massachusetts Paranormal Institute, Inc.
    Headquartered on Cape Cod, The Massachusetts Paranormal Institute provides no-cost, professional and discrete, high-tech investigations into the cause and origin of known or suspected paranormal activity.
  • Cape Cod and the Otter Valley: closer than you think
    Michael Downes, writing from Budleigh Salterton in Devon UK, has started a blog to celebrate the sisterhood initiated in 2001 between his home…
  • How can I get an Address from GPS Coordinates?
    Brian asked: Do you know how I can get an address from GPS coordinates? Obtaining an address from a set of GPS coordinates is known as reverse geocoding.
  • What are the busiest tourist weekends on Cape Cod?
    Alex asks: Which are the busiest tourist weekends on the Cape please? The big three weekends are…
  • Getting to Cape Cod from Logan Airport & Public Transportation
    Here are a couple questions I received from a visitor coming to Cape Cod from Europe regarding transportation from Boston to the Cape and the availability of public transportation on Cape Cod.
  • Chatham Fisherman Charged with Humpback Whale Crime
    A local Chatham fisherman is charged with with violating the Endangered Species and Marine Mammal Protection acts for freeing a whale from his fishing gear off Chatham last July. Some readers of this…
  • White Hen Pantry and the Story of Scotch Johnson
    While the Hen is the undisputed king of 2:30 a.m. italian subs, there is an underlying genius behind the scenes that make it legendary. Since we at the go2536 are hard hitting journalists, we are always…
  • The Worst Places to Stay on Cape Cod
    There are hundreds and hundreds of places to stay on Cape Cod. From quaint little inns, larger hotels and resorts to smaller…
  • Cape Cod Vacation Rentals: Tips for Vacationers
    You can save yourself some serious time searching for the perfect Cape Cod vacation rental by using our Google powered Cape Cod Rental Finder.
  • Cape Cod Evacuation Route: West may not be best
    Everyone has seen those blue evacuation route signs on the westbound exit ramps and on Route 6 West. Depending on the cause for the evacuation, you may want to seek an alternate route.
  • Brrrrrrrr!
    With the weather here in the single digits the last few nights, I thought it would be appropriate to dig this post out of the archives.…
  • Rainy Day on Cape Cod: What to do?
    The weather on Cape Cod during the tourist season is usually great for nothing better than going…
  • Residential Wind Power
    After seeing my electric bill climb over the last few years, I have been researching the options for installing a wind turbine at my house. If they are going to put the
  • Exclusive Country Clubs in the Rough
    Hard economic times leave exclusive country club in a “forced carry” situation.
  • What is a cape?
    The word cape actually has three different definitions or meanings.
  • Hyannis Traffic
    Route 132. Wow, what an improvement. It is hard to believe that it is the same road and it was completed so quickly.
  • What are the fishing banks off Cape Cod?
    To the North of Cape Cod is Stellwagen Bank (or Middle Bank). To the East of Cape Cod is Georges Bank.
  • How many pounds of fish does a seal eat per day?
    It is widely known that seals eat between 6%-8% of their body weight in fish per day. Which doesn’t seem like all that much. Now let’s scale it a bit. How much fish will 10,000 seals eat…
  • How can you tell how old a codfish is?
    To age a codfish you need to remove the fish’s otolith. An otolith is a bone located just behind the ear…
  • How many tourists visit Cape Cod each year?
    According to MA State sources, nearly 6 million people visit Cape Cod each year. 4+ million of those people visit the Cape Cod National Seashore according to the NPS visitor counts.
  • Wellfleet Chezsven Blog
    Wellfleet innkeeper/writer describes what it is like to live on the Outer Cape and run a green B&B.
  • Lightning at Provincetown
    Only one fatal accident occured during the construction of the Pilgrim Monument at Provincetown. A severe thunderstorm accompanied by lightning rent the skies of Provincetown on August 5, 1908.
  • Beach Life
    The tidewrack, tideline or line of debris left by the high tide contains many wonders of the sea.
  • Railroad Resurgence: Was The Cape Cod Rail Trail Shortsighted?
    Did Cape Cod make a mistake by tearing up the railroad tracks to build bicycle trails? As fuel prices continue to be unstable and the nation’s highways become more congested, transportation experts…
  • Declining Herring Stocks and Midwater Trawling
    Over the last two decades local herring stocks have been on the decline. Both river herring and ocean herring (or sea herring)…
  • Cape Cod Tourism Cooling Off?
    Cape Cod tourism trends, Chamber of Commerce reports and season wrap-ups for 2006, 2007 and 2008.
  • Cape Cod Railroad
    The first railroad to serve the Cape was started in 1847, and ran as far as Sandwich. Ten years later it was extended to Barnstable and Yarmouth. It was originally called the Cape Cod Branch of the…
  • Taking On A Pilot
    When coming to a harbor, marine law required a sailing vessel or steamer to have aboard it a well experienced and licensed harbor pilot. It was his duty to take, over the handling and safe management…
  • The Wicked Oyster, Restaurant Review
    by Lucy Vivante, Lucas and Michael Miller For two years now, Wellfleet has been home to a restaurant which offers the best of two worlds: a relaxed, clubby atmosphere and an amibitious first-rate…
  • The Big Dinghy Flap
    For as long as there have been people fishing on Cape Cod, there have been dinghies, dories, skiffs, and the occasional canoe parked in the sand on Chatham’s beaches. Some “wash-ashore”…
  • Wellfleet’s Kettle Ponds
    Notes on the National Seashore’s Kettle Ponds in Wellfleet
  • Ferry to Nantucket Island
    Take the ferry from Hyannis or Harwich to Nantucket Island. Three companies offer high speed passenger ferries and one offers year round vehicle ferry services to Nantucket.
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