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History: Settled 1656 named after Chatham, England. Incorporated June 11, 1712; old style. District of Manamoit (Monomoy). April 14, 1862, bounds between Chatham and Orleans and Chatham and Harwich established.

Villages or Sections:
Chathamport, Mill Pond Bluff, Monomoy Island, Morris Island, Neck, North Chatham, South Chatham, West Chatham, Stage Harbor, Stage Island, Northwest Chatham, Chatham Village.

Points of Interest:
Old Atwood Homestead, oldest house in Chatham (about 1756), now owned and operated by the Chatham Historical Society.
Chatham Fish Pier
Chatham Light & Coast Guard Station
Breakers at entrance to Chatham Harbor (the cut). Surfing and windsurfing.
Stage Harbor and vicinity where in 1606, Champlain and a party of Frenchmen spent a fortnight.
Nauset Beach, believed to be the "Wonder Strands" mentioned in Norse legend (Vinland Sagas). Probably visited by Norsemen about 936 A.D.
Monomoy Point, the "Cape Mallebarre" (Cape bad bar) of early explorers.
Monomoy Island wildlife, seals and sharks feeding.

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    Deyo’s History of Barnstable County is full of facts, both large and small, which enable the modern reader to correctly interpret and understand life on Cape Cod a century and more ago.…
  • Burke-Taylor Men’s Resort Apparel
    Years ago Burke-Taylor had an apparel shop in Chatham. Their slogan was: “New England’s Most Unusual Resort Apparel”
  • Chatham Fish Pier
    Looking for an interesting thing to do in Chatham? Visit the Chatham Fish Pier. The members of the fishing fleet make their run each suitable day to the fishing grounds from 3 to 100 miles off Chatham.…
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