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History: Incorporated January 7, 1639, old style. Common land called Mattacheeset. June 19, 1793, part of Yarmouth established as Dennis.

Villages or Sections:
Bass River, Camp Station, Great Island, Hockanom, Hyannis Park, Middletown, Pond Village, Point Gammon, South Yarmouth, Weir Village, West Yarmouth, Yarmouth Farms, Yarmouth Port, Yarmouth Station.

Points of Interest:
Col. John Thacher House, corner Rt. 6A (King's Highway) and Thacher Lane, Yarmouth. Built about 1680.
Indian Mounds opposite the cemetery on Center Street, Yarmouth.
Site of Chandler Gray House where women moulded bullets of their pewter dishes for soldiers departing for Dorchester Heights, Hallett and Wharf Streets, Yarmouth Port.
Judah Baker windmill.
Edward Gorey house, Winslow Crocker house.

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  • Carluccios Cape Cod
    The Grand opening of Carluccio’s Deli and Pastry Shop is on February 7, 2011 all day! The new deli and cafe will offer authentic Italian dishes - pizza, pasta, salads and pastries. There will…
  • Cape Cod Scenic Tours
    Welcome to Cape Cod Scenic Tours! Cape Cod Scenic Tours, based in the mid Cape, specializing in sightseeing tours throughout Cape Cod. Our sightseeing tours are fun filled and leave each visitor…
  • 4Bros. Bistro
    Located at the Cove Resort in West Yarmouth is the 4Bros…
  • Black Sheep Bah and Grill Yarmouth Port
    Located off Route 6A YarmouthPort in the Fiddlers…
  • Fishing Spots: Smuggler’s Beach Fishing Pier South Yarmouth
    At the mouth of Bass River, on the west or Yarmouth side, there is a fishing pier at Smuggler’s Beach (aka Bass River Beach). From about 9 am to 4 pm this is a paid beach parking area during the…
  • Fishing Spots: Parker’s River Rt. 28 Yarmouth
    Parker’s River is a popular fishing spot in Yarmouth. There is plenty of parking and a fishing pier on the North side of the Route 28 bridge. You can catch flounder, fluke, striped bass, small…
  • The Red Jacket
    One event of Yarmouth that is of interest to the lovers of the sea is the voyage of the Red Jacket. Captain Asa Eldridge was her skipper who made a record voyage across the Atlantic in thirteen…
  • 1,000 Year Old Indian Murder
    In the spring of 1966, a 1000 year old murder was discovered through an archeological trip by three Harvard students. Two skeletons were…
  • Yarmouth’s Boast
    The widespread interest that people have in the style of dwelling known as the Cape Cod house affords…
  • Fishing Spots: Bass River Bridge Rt. 28
    The Bass River Bridge is one of the most well known fishing spots in the Mid-Cape area. The Bass River Bridge separates the towns of Dennis and Yarmouth on Route 28 in the South Yarmouth/West Dennis…
  • John Alden Settles the Matter
    The Pilgrims and the Indians got along very well. There were a few arguments but none was serious. In 1657 the inhabitants of the Town of Yarmouth had a disagreement with the Indian sachem Yanno, or…
  • Bass River Fish Market & Seafood Restaurant
    An empty lot is all that remains of the Bass River Fish Market & Seafood Restaurant. Years ago, when I was commercial fishing we used to sell fish there once in a while.
  • Sea Chest Gift Shop, Rt. 28, West Yarmouth
    Years ago, the Sea Chest Gift Shop was a Cape Cod landmark. The building is still there and is easy to spot. It is the only one around that is shaped like a pirate’s treasure chest. The treasure…
  • Old Yarmouth
    An interesting description of old Yarmouth is found in John Hayward’s New England Gazetteer, published 1839. It says, in part:
  • Barefoot Trader, Rt. 28, West Yarmouth
    Remember the Barefoot Trader? I remember it well from when I was a youngster. They had the big “Easter Island” head out front with the torch lit on top. There are now factory outlets where…
  • A Cow for the Poor
    In 1644 Andrew Hallett of Yarmouth offered a cow or a heifer in calve for the benefit of the poor of Yarmouth. The gift had to be first approved by the Court.
  • Yarmouth Was Choosey
    Just anybody couldn’t become a citizen of Yarmouth. Those who founded the town were choosey about admitting newcomers. Only the sturdiest families were allowed to come in.
  • The Red Headed Mermaid
    “Any man who would go to sea for pleasure would go to hell for pastime.” This was what one Yarmouth skipper had to say about the “romantic” sea. But it couldn’t have been…
  • Six Pairs of Pants Bought Yarmouth
    Six coats, six pairs of small breeches, two hatchets, and a like number of hoes, besides two brass kettles in good working order, was the price paid for most of what is now the town of Yarmouth, Massachusetts.…
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