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  • Walk The Streets of Barnstable Village-History/Haunted
    If Barnstable Village is an interest to you and you have a desire to learn the history as well as some past residents who still reside, read on.
  • Cape Cod Scenic Tours
    Welcome to Cape Cod Scenic Tours! Cape Cod Scenic Tours, based in the mid Cape, specializing in sightseeing tours throughout Cape Cod. Our sightseeing tours are fun filled and leave each visitor…
  • Straight Outta Cape Cod, We’re Keepin’ it Real
    Here’s a funny Cape Cod related music video from YouTube. If you don’t know much about Cape Cod, keep in mind that this video does not portray the majority of Cape Codders. Prep Unit…
  • Peat Moss Diapers
    Cape Cod Indians were as ingenious as the Cape Codders who followed them to settle on the narrow land. And even peat moss, or bog moss, as it is often called, had its purpose. This tight springy and…
  • Nomans Land Island (aka Nomansland Island)
    This little mentioned 628 acre island a few miles southwest of Martha’s Vineyard was discovered in 1602 by
  • Message in Bottle Creates Sea Mystery
    Almost a century ago local papers reported that “A Spanish letter in a tightly corked bottle was found on South Beach, Katama, by some summer guests.” It read:
  • A Certified Sea Serpent
    From Zion’s Herald, Boston, Aug. 2, 1826 we get this interesting account of a sea monster sighting off Cape Cod:
  • A Young Pirate Sailed on the Whydah
    Members of Barry Clifford’s team have identified the partial remains of the youngest known pirate to sail U.S. waters, a 9-year-old boy who eagerly joined
  • 1,000 Year Old Indian Murder
    In the spring of 1966, a 1000 year old murder was discovered through an archeological trip by three Harvard students. Two skeletons were…
  • A Black Eye for Blackbirds
    Since the men of the Cape who did not follow the sea did farm the land, it was important to them that the corn they planted should have a chance to grow and not be eaten and destroyed by birds.
  • Long Lick
    No grocer but one on “old-time” Cape Cod would know that “Porty Reek long lick” meant Puerto Rico molasses; and no cook, except one on Cape Cod would know that “Hog’s…
  • Plymouth Rock Goes to Nevada
    Plymouth Rock as a whole will probably never be allowed to leave Plymouth, for Plymouth without its Rock would be like Boston without its
  • Retro Swap Meet
    These “swaps” from more than half-a-century ago are quite amusing:
  • Is it a Fortune?
    We have heard of small fortunes “picked up” from the sea or at the seashore when some lucky person discovered ambergris there. What is ambergris? and how could you be sure you had made a…
  • The Great Yellow Day
    On Tuesday, Sept. 6, 1881, there occurred over all New England, for nearly all that day, a darkness of alarming nature. It was like the famous “dark day” of ninety-nine years before, 1780,…
  • Economic Antics on Cape Cod
    This story is taken from an old issue of the Cape’s weekly Cape Codder. It seems that a lower Cape fisherman wanted a dory that was owned by another fisherman, and finally fisherman Number…
  • Sailors’ Superstitions
    Mariners have always been notoriously superstitious folks. While out commercial fishing, I am very superstitious. My crew and I always follow the same routine to a tee. Never varying our process keeps…
  • The Sea Serpent
    “Professor” George Washington Ready of Provincetown hid behind a sand dune and watched the monstrous creature rise out of the surf. It shot up geysers of spray, fifty feet high!
  • Cape Cod Ghost Stories
    New England is home to some great ghost stories and the Cape has some old ghosts of it’s own. From haunted houses and inns to the ghost of a pirate’s jilted lover, Cape Cod is rich in hauntings.…
  • Silver and Pewter
    Silverware, rare during the initial period of colonization in New England, became plentiful even in the poorer homes at the start of the 18th century.
  • Half A Chimney Half A Door
    We hope that the two persons who first owned the Cahoon House in Osterville got along well together. They would have been an unhappy pair had they not, for they were bound together by the house which…
  • The Oldest Windmill
    The oldest windmill on Cape Cod stood at the road to West Yarmouth. The owner sold it to Henry Ford of automobile fame. He moved it from the Cape to his Dearborn Greenfield Village Museum.
  • Some Baby!
    Richard, son of the late President Cleveland (in office 1885-89), was born on Cape Cod. Cape Codders always get a chuckle when they tell the undying story of the weighing of the new baby.
  • A Foggy Story
    In Harwich Port there used to live (they say) a man named Cap’n Bunce, who owned a little house. One foggy morning Cap’n Bunce set a Chatham man to work shingling his roof.
  • Distrust Aboard Mayflower
    Not all the passengers aboard the Mayflower were of one mind as to the future, or even present policies. There were some aboard who did not agree with the strong-minded leaders. Their murmurings…
  • A Cranberry Crook
    A story rarely told is of an old Cape Cod woman who helped herself to cranberries belonging to others. To warn her, and others likeminded, a sign was posted on one of the bogs.
  • No Crime In Martha’s Vineyard
    The following is from a report published in 1855 by the Boston Telegraph:
  • Cool but Smelly
    It was in 1873 that a Cape Cod newspaper declared during a spell of hot weather: “We pity the denizens of the city in their brick ovens, especially at night when they retire to rest nominally…
  • Nerviest New England Skipper
    Known as the “nerviest” skipper along the entire coast of New England, Parker J. Hall once sailed alone from Nantucket to Gloucester in a 96-foot packet.
  • Cape Cod Water Cure
    A century and a half ago, according to records brought to light by the clerk of courts, Barnstable County, it was reported “that the Cape Cod Hydropathic or Water Cure Institute is now ready for…
  • A Big City Take on PTown
    A reporter from the Chicago Tribune visited Provincetown in 1900 and wrote the following: “Fish is bartered at the grocery stores, shoe shops and bread stores for all the commodities of life…”…
  • Cape And Islands Paranormal Research Society
    The CAIPRS is a society of paranormal researchers and investigators who conduct investigations of alleged paranormal activity. CAIPRS is located in W. Barnstable, MA and is a non-profit Society. CAIPRS…
  • Pave Paws Radar Station at Otis AFB
    The radar, developed by Raytheon, is used primarily to detect and track sea-launched (SLBM) and intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs). PAVE PAWS radars are located at Cape Cod Air Force Station,…
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