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  • Elizabeth Islands (Gosnold, Massachusetts)
    The Elizabeth Islands, located northwest of Martha’s Vineyard and southeast of New Bedford, were discovered in 1602 by
  • Nomans Land Island (aka Nomansland Island)
    This little mentioned 628 acre island a few miles southwest of Martha’s Vineyard was discovered in 1602 by
  • It Got Their Goats
    In 1851 the Vineyard Gazette, of Martha’s Vineyard, reported in its May 23 issue, that:
  • No Crime In Martha’s Vineyard
    The following is from a report published in 1855 by the Boston Telegraph:
  • 1,000,000 Years Ago
    Geologists tell us that microscopic examination of the famous clays of Gay Head, Martha’s Vineyard show evidence of animals that…
  • Swimming From the Vineyard to Falmouth
    Several men have attempted to swim the five-mile distance of choppy Vineyard Sound between the Vineyard and Falmouth. In the summer of 1950 on June 26th, George Fraser of Dennisport made a valiant try…
  • Timothy Quaint
    In 1854, the Home Journal of that period contained the recorded sentiments of one Timothy Quaint on the merits of Martha’s Vineyard as he saw it. Timothy had visited the island on a fishing…
  • Land of The Vineyard
    The beauties that are hidden among the winding roads throughout Martha’s Vineyard are unbroken. Many of the towns remain as they were when the first white settlers came. Here we find the coolest,…
  • Terrific Martha’s Vineyard Fishing
    It was a rainy day out on the water and North Shore Charters was the only boat out fishing, that is when 12-year old Molly…
  • Heavy Maritime Travel Cape Pogue Lighthouse
    In the single year 1854, the keeper of the Cape Pogue Lighthouse (located on Chappaquiddick Island, Martha’s Vineyard) reported that 20,156 vessels passed Cape Cod (no doubt some of these were…
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