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  • Bassett’s Wild Animal Farm
    Bassett’s Wild Animal Farm in Brewster was one of the more unique Cape Cod attractions featuring many different types of animals, some native to the area and some exotic. The farm has changed…
  • Sirloin Steak - 18c A Pound!
    An old-time East Dennis resident reminiscing days gone by in that community, recalled the manner of doing business there.
  • How to Catch Striped Bass: The Old Way
    The following passage is from the early 1950’s and describes a way to catch striped bass with a hand line using the “heave and haul” method:
  • Retro Swap Meet
    These “swaps” from more than half-a-century ago are quite amusing:
  • Bass River Fish Market & Seafood Restaurant
    An empty lot is all that remains of the Bass River Fish Market & Seafood Restaurant. Years ago, when I was commercial fishing we used to sell fish there once in a while.
  • Sea Chest Gift Shop, Rt. 28, West Yarmouth
    Years ago, the Sea Chest Gift Shop was a Cape Cod landmark. The building is still there and is easy to spot. It is the only one around that is shaped like a pirate’s treasure chest. The treasure…
  • Great New England Clambake
    The following is a “how to have a clambake” guide from long ago. It gives us an idea of how it was to have a clambake back in the day.
  • The Roccus Lineatus (striped bass)
    Striped bass fishing reports and striper fishing tips from more than half a century ago.
  • Fishing Report August 1948
    55 pound stripers and giant bluefin tuna were the catch of the week. The following fishing report is from mid August of 1948:
  • Burke-Taylor Men’s Resort Apparel
    Years ago Burke-Taylor had an apparel shop in Chatham. Their slogan was: “New England’s Most Unusual Resort Apparel”
  • Player’s Pharmacy, Rt. 6A, East Dennis
    I worked at Player’s Pharmacy for a few years when I was in high school. The Dubins were great people to work for. I especially enjoyed talking to Phil Dubin the eldest of the family, who bought…
  • Barefoot Trader, Rt. 28, West Yarmouth
    Remember the Barefoot Trader? I remember it well from when I was a youngster. They had the big “Easter Island” head out front with the torch lit on top. There are now factory outlets where…
  • The Swallowtail Fad
    In the days of Andrew Jackson and Commodore Hull all Cape Cod personages wore swallowtail coats to formal gatherings. You can still find specimens of this extraordinary garment hidden away in Cape attics.…
  • Free Horse With Used Buggy
    It is safe to think that many folks today do not know what a “buggy” was. It was the forerunner, so to speak, of today’s used auto. And if readers think that today’s used car…
  • Cape Cod’s Lady Milkman
    (circa 1961) For over a year the residents of Harwich and South Chatham enjoyed the efficient services of the only “female milkman” on Cape Cod. She was Mrs. Edna Homer, who answered…
  • See-Worthy Suits
    A Cape Codder discoursing on the “new” bathing suits of fifty some-odd years ago comments:
  • 1955 Cape Fishing Report
    The following is a Cape Cod fishing report from the Spring of 1955. It gives a good idea of how the spring fishing was a little over half a century ago.
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