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Cape Cod Bassett’s Wild Animal Farm

Bassett’s Wild Animal Farm in Brewster was one of the more unique Cape Cod attractions featuring many different types of animals, some native to the area and some exotic. The farm has changed hands a few times over the years, and apparently is no longer open to the public.

Here’s an old description:

Bassett’s Wild Animal Farm, Tubman Rd., (Off Rte. 124), So. Brewster.
Adults and children alike will truly enjoy their visit to this outstanding attraction. Here you will find scores of wild animals caged along the scenic woodland paths of the farm. You will certainly enjoy viewing the many unusual animals here including the Llamas, foxes, deer, ocelot, monkeys, peacocks, kinkajou, coyotes, hawks, and owls to name just a few. There is a special section of the farm in which children can feed and pet some of the tamer species. The grounds here are always immaculate and you may stay all day and bring your lunch or snacks and sandwiches may be purchased on the premises. There are also horse and pony rides, and old-fashioned hay rides offered. An educational experience for the entire family and one of the finest sights on the Cape. Open daily 10-6.

Bassett’s has been closed for a few years now (maybe since 2001-2002). Back in 2000 a Bengal tiger at Bassett Wild Animal Farm attacked a teenage worker when the girl entered the cage’s feeding area, apparently unaware trap door was open. The girl was treated for puncture wounds to leg.

When I was younger, we used to go to Bassett’s Animal Farm to check out the animals, most of which were not native to the Cape Cod area. I remember one incident when the mountain lion apparently did not like the way I looked at it. The big cat was lunging at the cage towards me in a very aggressive manner. I was asked by the staff to move away from the area because the cat’s actions were scaring others in the crowd. I hope I never run into a mountain lion in the wild…

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Cape Cod
Posted by Cape Cod - (website) on 02/27/08
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I used to love that place when I was a kid. I remember going for field trips there it was great. Its unfortunate that it is closed.

Posted by Crystal from Osterville on 07/12/08 at 05:06 PM | #

I have heard so many nice things, thank you for having such a positive thing going.

Posted by Matthyew Jayson Fritch from Montana on 04/22/09 at 03:44 PM | #

I worked there over the summer of 1986…and I recall wrestling with a Bengal tiger cub. Tina Bassett always said that over-familiarity would make the animal hard to control later in life. I sure hope it wasn’t the same one.

It was in my distant memory a wonderful place.

Posted by DT from Vermont on 05/04/09 at 01:14 PM | #

That was a phenomenal place and that animal was incredible.  What do you expect when you dangle your leg in an enclosure you were told to stay out of.  We miss it terribly.  Akimo was raised by an outstanding young man…both are missed.  What a loss to the cape.

Posted by Jane from Cape cod on 06/09/09 at 03:14 AM | #

I worked there about 15 years ago and Akimo was just a cub! I loved him I have pictures of him running around his cage playing with me!! SOOOO Sad that I wanted to take my kids there and just read this!!  Breaks my heart!! The Lion that was there also used to run and jump on the fence all the time cause he was playing! He would hide behind the rock and pounce out!! I would scratch him behind the ears and he would purr sooo loud!!  Will be missed!!  :-(

Posted by Christine from Palmer, MA on 05/29/10 at 03:03 AM | #

Oh man i LOVED that place and the whimsical gift shop. started my love of goats and introduced me to the way bucks smell. We drove by it the other day and wanted to explore!

Posted by Julie from edgartown, ma on 07/07/10 at 12:35 AM | #

we took our son there when he was about 3 (over 30 years ago) and it was a SUPER place to spend a day.  The array of animals for a tucked away, little known place was spectacular.  I was disappointed a few years ago to learn that it had closed.

Posted by Phil from orleans on 12/31/10 at 05:54 PM | #

i worked there as well when i was younger and Okemo was one of my favorite animals there (along with Foxy) and if not provoked that tiger would never hurt you. If things were done as told and by the books you were completely safe. Bassetts will i think always be my favorite job of all time and an experience i will never forget.

Posted by Nicole Chodkowski from harwich, ma on 01/11/11 at 12:35 AM | #

I fondly remember all the days my daughter worked there back in the mid-90’s… summer and winter. We spent alot of time visiting with Okemo, the Bengal Tiger. It is my opinion that if a tiger wanted to kill the teenaged girl who entered the enclosure, he would have. We are still good friends with the owners and we miss the farm immensely.

Posted by Roberta on 01/14/11 at 10:41 PM | #

I worked at Bassett’s for many, many years after Bud and Olivia sold the farm to Gail and Donald, It was some of the best years of my life, I helped raise a Mountain Lion and Samartren Tiger cubs while i worked there, my daughter and my dog would play with the tiger on a regular basis. I worked with the big cats and the bears and you need to respect animals of this nature and not take them for granted. while i was employed at Bassett’s we would regularly promote the wild cats with great respect and care. as someone who worked and handled the big cats on a daily basis i think my fondest memories are that of raising Shaka and taking her for walks on her leash around the farm. I miss the Animals and the Farm very much, still to this day i have a huge fondness for the big cats and miss being with them.

Posted by jac from raymond, nh on 02/06/11 at 08:29 PM | #

Lots of fond memories of that place. Used to visit my grandparents in Brewster and Bassetts was always on the list to visit.

I remember leaning over a short fence and petting a lion that was scratching himself on his cage….my parents didn’t see me do this, something they heard about later. haha!

I also remember the crow that talked!

Sad it’s gone…..thanks for the memories…

Posted by erin on 06/03/11 at 02:35 PM | #

Oh my god, I remember going there whenever we went down the Cape. There’s photos of me on pony rides and admiring the animals. I even had a T-shirt from there with Noah’s Ark on it. I had no idea it closed!

Posted by Katie Marie on 06/10/11 at 05:30 PM | #

Wow I can’t believe Bassetts is closed. I worked there for years its been so long ago I think it was in the mid 80’s. I have such great memories. I remember cleaning Leo the leopard’s den. And I think her name was Kima the mountain lion. I also remember Sassafras the deer. I use to love to hang out with Tutu the ring tailed Lemer. Wow how many memories. I just remembered the bears, the dingo dogs, the bangle tigers, the spooky looking owls, the crazy monkey. There was also a beautiful blind dog that was able to run around the place like he could see. His name was Mr. Magoo. I loved that dog. Oh yeah and the raccoons and the pigs that would always bite a hole in the hose as we where trying to clean out their pen. They got lose once and we had to catch them and grab there hind leggs and wheel barrel them back into their pen. Gosh they had so many animals there, what a great place to work at. It is so sad it is closed. I was hoping to take a trip to the Cape and take my kids and show them mommys favorite job. There will never be a place like that again. Defiantly one of a kind. Every time I smell cedar wood it reminds me of the gift shop they had there. Thru sold the best jewelery boxes made out of cedar. I will miss Bassetts dearly.

Posted by Lissette Hitchcock from Cooleville TN on 02/18/12 at 07:01 AM | #

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