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  • Cape Cod Traffic Reports & Car Travel Tips
    Traffic is a big factor in getting around on Cape Cod. Even in the off-season traffic can be a factor. Try to plan your trip to and from the Cape to avoid traffic congestion, especially at both the…
  • Health Care: Doctors, Hospitals & Walk-In Clinics
    Hopefully your stay on Cape Cod will be free of injuries and illness. Should you require medical attention, there are several doctors, walk-in clinics and hospitals prepared to take care of you. Here…
  • Cape Cod Chambers of Commerce
    The local chamber of commerce can be a great source for vacation information for tourists visiting the Cape Cod area. Here is a list of all the chambers of commerce on Cape Cod by town:
  • Cape Cod Campgrounds and Camping Areas
    Camping is a very popular alternative to staying in a vacation rental or
  • What are the busiest tourist weekends on Cape Cod?
    Alex asks: Which are the busiest tourist weekends on the Cape please? The big three weekends are…
  • Getting to Cape Cod from Logan Airport & Public Transportation
    Here are a couple questions I received from a visitor coming to Cape Cod from Europe regarding transportation from Boston to the Cape and the availability of public transportation on Cape Cod.
  • What is a cape?
    The word cape actually has three different definitions or meanings.
  • How many tourists visit Cape Cod each year?
    According to MA State sources, nearly 6 million people visit Cape Cod each year. 4+ million of those people visit the Cape Cod National Seashore according to the NPS visitor counts.
  • Cape Cod Vacation Video
    Here’s a very upbeat and well put together Cape Cod vacation slideshow/video of a trip to the Cape during the summer of 2006. The video features some very nice beach scenes and it looks like they…
  • What Is Cape Cod Made Up Of?
    One can not think of Cape Cod without thinking of all the entrancing things which make it up, not merely a funny-shaped hook jutting out seaward from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, but sand, and…
  • Driving Directions From New York City to Cape Cod
    If driving to Cape Cod from NY City, you are going to take Interstate 95 North through Connecticut and Providence then take Interstate 195 East to Route 25. You will enter the Cape over the Bourne Bridge…
  • How to Walk In Cape Cod Sand
    “I was told,” wrote Nat Willis, the poet who visited the Cape in 1849, “that the Cape people have a peculiar step for the sand, laying down the flat of the while foot and bending the…
  • Cape Cod Ma vs Newport RI
    According to Google Trends Cape Cod MA lags far behind Newport RI…
  • Make Your Own Bayberry Candles
    How would you like to make a souvenir of Cape Cod? Anywhere on the coast, you can find the fragrant bayberry. This you will recognize by its spicy green leaf and waxy blue-gray berry. Gather all of…
  • Beaches Made In A Day
    “The time must come,” wrote Henry David Thoreau, who knew Cape Cod well, “when this coast (of the Cape) will be a place of resort for those New Englanders who really wish to visit…
  • Cape Summer Theater
    The stars of tomorrow are painting flats and working in the box offices of your Cape Cod summer theatres as they study their lines for next week’s plays. Premieres of new plays that may next season…
  • Just What Is Cape Cod?
    From time to time this question is talked about by people who do not live on the Cape. They have a vague notion that the Cape begins at some point on the coast south of Boston and extends to its sea-most…
  • Names That Fascinate
    From the Cape Cod Canal all down the Cape to the tip where Provincetown clusters its old houses and people, there are only fifteen towns. Yet many of these towns have “villages,” and many…
  • Bayberry Candles
    The history of the bayberry is an ancient one. Doctors in the early days used the melted berries as a salve. The natives soon found them good for making candles.
  • Beachcombers & Beachcombing
    It’s always lots of pleasure to stroll the beach, keeping an eye to seaward for yachts, steamers, fishing…
  • Cranberry for Cosmetics
    The little red cranberry is a native American fruit. The native indians of Cape Cod who used to dwell here used cranberries as medicine.
  • Cape Cod Seasports
    Cape Cod might have been created especially for those who feel that life is incomplete without the salt tang of sea, wind, the glint of sun on white caps, the kick of tiller, the soothing warmth of…
  • Ancient Wit and Wisdom
    The woman who undertook to scour the woods for her husband has abandoned the job. (Soft-soap might have done a better job for her).
  • The Sea Around Us
    The familiar title of Rachel Carson’s book, The Sea Around Us, aptly describes the Cape Codder’s situation. For Cape Cod, once a peninsula and now (because of the Canal) an island,…
  • Cranberry Hoops
    Cranberry Hoops are not made of cranberries. Rather, a cranberry hoop is a simple and ingenious device for telling quickly how many barrels of the little red berries a bog owner may expect from a given…
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