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  • Wampanoag Tribes and Cape Wind
    This letter is to address the editorial by the Boston Globe newspaper on Oct. 27 which opposes the claim that the Wampanoag tribe should have Nantucket Sound placed on the National Register of Historic…
  • 2009 Great White Shark Season Wrap Up
    Two kayakers reported the first great white attack on a seal August 19, 2009. Cape Codders Bruce Bean and…
  • Cape Cod Evacuation Route: West may not be best
    Everyone has seen those blue evacuation route signs on the westbound exit ramps and on Route 6 West. Depending on the cause for the evacuation, you may want to seek an alternate route.
  • Residential Wind Power
    After seeing my electric bill climb over the last few years, I have been researching the options for installing a wind turbine at my house. If they are going to put the
  • How many pounds of fish does a seal eat per day?
    It is widely known that seals eat between 6%-8% of their body weight in fish per day. Which doesn’t seem like all that much. Now let’s scale it a bit. How much fish will 10,000 seals eat…
  • Railroad Resurgence: Was The Cape Cod Rail Trail Shortsighted?
    Did Cape Cod make a mistake by tearing up the railroad tracks to build bicycle trails? As fuel prices continue to be unstable and the nation’s highways become more congested, transportation experts…
  • Declining Herring Stocks and Midwater Trawling
    Over the last two decades local herring stocks have been on the decline. Both river herring and ocean herring (or sea herring)…
  • Run Herring! Run!
    The Massachusetts Marine Fisheries Commission approved a three-year ban in all state waters on harvest, possession and sale of river herring. The November 2006 decision came in response to recent drastic…
  • Too Many Seals, Not Enough Sharks
    The growing seal population on the Cape will be an ever increasing problem into the future. As a commercial…
  • Land Use 1951-1990
    I have lived on the Cape for 30 some odd years and have seen quite a change in the amount of development that has taken place here. The
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