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  • How Can You Recognize an Original Cape Cod Style House?
    How can you recognize an original Cape Cod style house? There are three types, which are very distinct, but they all follow the common Cape Cod pattern, a low, broad frame building, generally a story…
  • Brrrrrrrr!
    With the weather here in the single digits the last few nights, I thought it would be appropriate to dig this post out of the archives.…
  • Cape Cod Houses Most Popular
    The most popular of all styles of houses in America today is almost surely our own Cape Cod style house. Go where you will throughout…
  • Without Spirit
    For a long time the raising of rooftrees on Cape Cod was a merry occasion, and then for long it was a sober, businesslike time, as witnessed by this dispatch from Wellfleet, August 30, 1829:
  • Banking up Cape Cellars
    In past times Cape Cod houses had no cellar beneath their main body. That left part of the house exposed below to the open air. When cold weather was seen coming, when leaves began turning and apples…
  • Blueberry Paint
    The strangely beautiful silver look to the shingles of an old Cape Cod house may sometimes be used as a measurement of its comparative age.
  • Cape Half Houses
    For purely economic reasons, a newly married couple usually built a half a house, with two front windows, a door to one side of the windows, and a chimney behind the door.
  • Yarmouth’s Boast
    The widespread interest that people have in the style of dwelling known as the Cape Cod house affords…
  • Housing Problem
    The early Cape houses varied greatly, according to men’s means, and became more elaborate from generation…
  • Sea Captains’ Mansions
    The square Georgian mansions of Cape Cod were built by the old-time sea captains. Like everything else on the Cape, they are modest and in good taste.
  • The Cape Cod Cottage
    An aged Cape Cod house is the first preference of every inlander who dreams of establishing a home here. Either a Half-House,…
  • The Front Door was for the Minister
    Traditionally, a visitor to a Cape Cod style house did not announce himself at the front door. He would conform to one of the oldest native customs and go around to the kitchen or side door. (Most old…
  • Half A Chimney Half A Door
    We hope that the two persons who first owned the Cahoon House in Osterville got along well together. They would have been an unhappy pair had they not, for they were bound together by the house which…
  • Wooden Chimneys
    Since, even today, our well made chimneys are often sources of fire risk, it is astonishing to learn that early Cape Codders once used chimneys of wood.
  • Inside a Cape Cod House
    Cape Cod houses fool people. They are roomier on the inside than anyone judging from their outside appearance, would guess.
  • Nary a Painter
    An unpainted house today draws attention to itself by the very fact that it is unpainted. It is either a new house not yet ready to live in, or an old, neglected, weather-worn house that, once upon…
  • Widow’s Walk
    Widow’s walks or “captain’s walks” are found on houses by the sea, especially the sea captain’s homes of Cape Cod.
  • Stovepipe Hole
    Everyone knows what a thimble is, but besides the most familiar meaning there is also that of a covering for a stovepipe hole in a wall. Every parlor wall used to have a thimble where the “airtight”…
  • The First Booths
    When some of the men from Plymouth came to Sandwich to start a settlement of their own they are believed to have built shelters called “booths.” These were efficient but not luxurious.
  • Bring Oiled Paper For Your Windows
    If you take a piece of plain paper, oil it lightly, and then hold it to the light, you will see that it lets in light but you will not see through it. The windows of the first Cape Cod houses had oiled…
  • Free Home Valuations
    Zillow provides a free home valuation tool for real estate enthusiasts.  Whether you’re an agent, broker, buyer of investment property or first time homebuyer you can get free instant valuations…
  • Old Cape Cod Kitchens
    Old Cape Cod kitchens were always fresh and cool, open to all work in the summer, and used for storage and common work in the winter.
  • Drum Cellars & Witch Doors
    A Cape Cod house was sometimes built with a “drum cellar.” This is a room encircled by a brick wall, and it has a trap door overhead with steep ladder stairs up to the first floor. This…
  • Clam Shell Horse Hair Plaster
    Imagination, ingenuity, and clever hands were needed in the early days of Cape Cod, when the houses, some of which stand sturdily today, were built to stand against the elements of winter winds and…
  • Sandwich Has Oldest House
    Sandwich is a lovely Cape town, with shaded streets and well kept homes. Be certain and observe the view of the church spires as you pass along Route 6A and better yet take the bypass into the center…
  • Cape Cod Houses Faced the South
    Cape Codders years ago made common use of the architectural idea, common today, that the living room of the house should face the south.
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