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History: Settled 1676, named after Truro, Cornwall, England. Incorporated 1709, old style. Common land called Pawmett (Pamet). On October 1714, the bounds between Truro and Province lands (Provincetown) established.

Villages or Sections:
Truro, Castle Village, Corn Hill, Dyer's Hollow, Harding's Hollow, Head Pamet, Higgin's Hollow, High Head, Highland Village, Hog's Back, Le Count Hollow, Longnook, North Truro, Pilgrim Heights, Pond Village, South Truro, Truro Center, Truro Station, Whitmanville.

Points of Interest:
Corn Hill, where the Pilgrims uncovered and appropriated for their use a store of Indian corn.
Pilgrim Spring.
Village Pond.
Highland Light, the most powerful light on the New England seaboard.
Highland and Pamet River Coast Guard Stations.
Old Congregational Church and Burial Ground.
Hill of Churches.
Monument to those who were killed in October Gale of 1841.

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  • Cape Cod Scenic Tours
    Welcome to Cape Cod Scenic Tours! Cape Cod Scenic Tours, based in the mid Cape, specializing in sightseeing tours throughout Cape Cod. Our sightseeing tours are fun filled and leave each visitor…
  • Strange Discovery
    When they first arrived at Provincetown, the Pilgrims did a fair amount of exploring the Cape. One day some of the Pilgrims wandering on Cape Cod noticed a heap of sand. Curiosity led their steps to…
  • The Tea That Truro Detested
    At the same time that patriotic Bostonians were upset mentally and physically over British importation of tea heavily taxed into the young American colonies, Truro on Cape Cod, small as the town was,…
  • Highland Light
    Cape Cod, or Highland Light at Truro, can be seen on a starry night forty-five miles out to sea. It towers eighty feet above a cliff which is one hundred and forty feet high. This cliff, precipitous…
  • It’s A Salty Old Cape Town
    Truro is one of the saltiest of Cape Cod’s salty towns. Many a tale is told by those who know Truro well through long living there, of awful storms, shipwrecks, and rescues at Truro; and of voyages…
  • A Fine Cleere Pond
    Between North Truro and Pond Village lies a little valley. Here we are informed by the historians of the Pilgrim Fathers, an armed force of the Pilgrims, under Captain Miles Standish, spent their second…
  • The Water and the Rock
    Before the Pilgrims laid their eyes and put their feet on historic Plymouth Rock, they drank their first New World water from what is now called Pilgrim Spring, in Truro.
  • That Pilgrim Spring at Truro
    According to Arthur Wilson Tarbell, writing in “Cape Cod Ahoy,” the site of the Pilgrim Spring at Truro was discovered in later years by a Bostonian named Dr. William H. Rollins.
  • Prodigal Town
    So cosmopolitan that is seems completely un-New England, is the town on the tip of the Cape. Given over to the jurisdiction of Truro in 1714, Provincetown’s free and merry way of living caused…
  • Paid Minister in Cord Wood
    The inhabitants of Truro, in September 1786, joined with the Town authorities in “calling and settling” the Rev. Jude Damon “in the work of the Gospel Ministry” there.
  • Truro’s Captain Stevens
    Captain Levi Stevens was a shining example of the kind of young men reared on Cape Cod a century or two ago and his life illustrates the opportunities that were then at hand for such men, ready and…
  • The Beast of Truro
    I remember the story about the “Beast of Truro”. In September of 1981 several pet cats were found slaughtered and rumors were flying that a panther or mountain lion was responsible for the…
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