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Cape Cod Prodigal Town

So cosmopolitan that is seems completely un-New England, is the town on the tip of the Cape. Given over to the jurisdiction of Truro in 1714, Provincetown’s free and merry way of living caused such scandal to its proper neighbor that the latter appealed to the General Court.

Truro begged the Court pathetically that her wayward sister “be declared either a part of Truro or not a part of Truro that the town may know how to act in regard to some persons.” Today, Provincetown still receives some disapproval from her more straight-laced neighbor.

The bulk of Cape Cod fishing was done off Provincetown. The alleys that lie between the main streets were once runways for boats.
Provincetown’s population includes Portuguese fishermen, old Yankees, tourists, sailors, artists and actors.

Ever since the last decade of the nineteenth century, Provincetown has been an art center. The Art Association holds two summer exhibitions each year. Famous is the annual Artists’ Costume Ball. The Little Theater movement during World War I began there. Sailing, swimming, sunning on the beaches and visiting the countless shops and tea rooms are favorite pastimes.

Provincetown received her name from the entire territory around her. It was known as the Province Lands until 1893, when the State gave up its title to the land where the town now stands.

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