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Cape Cod Pride of Provincetown

The people of Provincetown are genuinely proud of the historic fact that it was at Provincetown that the memorable voyage of the Mayflower came to an end. It was there that her anchor, last wet with the salt waters of old England, then dropped with a splash into those of Provincetown Harbor, and that her weary crew and passengers were thrilled to go ashore and stretch their cramped and weary sea legs.

Says the Provincetown Advocate:

From their own accounts, the Pilgrims wept with joy as they came ashore at the tip of Cape Cod. The feel of land beneath their feet was good. To them it was God’s assurance that they could further depend upon His guidance. Here they found fresh water, of which there was great need, and the seed corn without which they would have entirely perished in the winter, which was already upon them. Here they washed their garments and linens. Here they rested to fortify their strength and stamina to go on. Without that stay on the Cape End there would have been no colony; no Pilgrim saga… The fact that the Pilgrim Landing on what is now Provincetown more than three centuries ago is said to be one of the best kept secrets in all history, and we have kept it, kept it well.

November 22, 2009

Yesterday, Provincetown kicked off a campaign to tout its one tangible advantage over Plymouth in the Pilgrim sweepstakes: the Pilgrim Monument, a 252-foot, 7 1/2-inch granite tower that looms over town and harbor and makes Plymouth Rock look like a cobblestone in comparison. The campaign’s stated purpose is to raise cash for a celebration of the structure’s 100th anniversary in August 2010, but the slogan speaks of the desire for national recognition: “Support America’s history: It all started here.’’

“Important things happened here, and we should remember that,’’ said Laurel Guadazno, education and program manager at the Pilgrim Monument and Provincetown Museum. “Provincetown has always gotten short shrift. It still does.’’
On this rock, a myth was built. In Provincetown, chipping at Plymouth’s Pilgrim preeminenceBoston Globe

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