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  • Coastal Waters & Offshore Marine Forecasts
    Cape Cod area & offshore marine forecasts including Cape Cod Bay, Nantucket Sound, Great South Channel, Georges Bank, and the waters South of New England out to 1000 fathoms.
  • 5 Favorite Cape Cod Kayaking Trips
    There are dozens of places to go kayaking on Cape Cod from tranquil tidal rivers to crashing ocean surf. With spring just around the corner and people already starting to make plans for their Cape Cod…
  • Taking On A Pilot
    When coming to a harbor, marine law required a sailing vessel or steamer to have aboard it a well experienced and licensed harbor pilot. It was his duty to take, over the handling and safe management…
  • Orders is Orders
    Just before Christmas, in 1915, an old salt who was skippering his own schooner, the George Smith, sailed into New Bedford harbor en route to New York with a load of lumber. He had had an experience…
  • Bounce the Bow-Line
    We may think that navigation today is much more complicated than it was in the days of the Pilgrims and of the clipper…
  • Barnacle Bill The Sailor
    The hero of the popular song by that title is entirely a myth, but barnacles are no myth. Anyone who has ever tried to scrape them from the bottom of a boat knows they are a very stubborn fact.
  • Curious Facts About the Tides
    Visitor: “I have always been told that the tides come an hour later each day, but from my observation it would appear that this is not always so. Can you tell me about this? Also, I am…
  • On Her Beam’s End
    This nautical term occurs frequently in accounts of sailing and adventures at sea, and even in accounts of such experiences right in our local Cape Cod waters. And it’s a puzzler to the landsman.…
  • A Neat Name for Every Ship
    Cape Cod’s ports and other ports on the New England seaboard sent many a whaler to sea. It is interesting to observe the kinds of names which the shipowners gave their vessels.
  • He Taught Our Sea Captains
    One of the most important books to sailors from our South Shore and Cape ports was written by Nathaniel Bowditch. This book, called The Practical Navigator, was a guide for ships.
  • Abandon Ship!
    If this thrilling cry had sounded throughout the Mayflower in the fury of some storm or even in the dark of a calm night at sea, what a predicament her people would have been in!
  • This Is A Cape Cod Cat
    A Cape Cod cat on dry land is a feline animal, but a Cape Cod cat in the water is a sailboat of a particular type of hull and rig. You may wish to be able to recognize the next one you see sailing while…
  • When a Whaler Weighed Anchor
    The object of weighing anchor was, of course, to get a ship under way, and not to find out how much the anchor weighed. One must not think, either, that weighing anchor and getting sail spread and the…
  • The Dogvane
    On any number of the commercial fishing boats that you will see coming and going about Cape Cod’s harbors, you may notice a small vane or flag of bunting or like material flying from a mast or…
  • Falmouth’s Spacious Harbors
    In Falmouth there are 1475 acres of harbors and bays able to accomodate yachts. In these sheltered waters, there are more than sixty-four million square feet of surface.
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