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This story is taken from an old issue of the Cape’s weekly Cape Codder. It seems that a lower Cape fisherman wanted a dory that was owned by another fisherman, and finally fisherman Number Two agreed to sell it to the lower Cape fisherman for $25.

A couple of weeks later, Fisherman Number Two changed his mind and offered to buy it back for $50. Then Fisherman Number One re-bought it for $75. Fisherman Number Two opened bargaining again and ended up by paying $100 for the dory.

This reselling and rebuying went on for some time until a sale was made for $200. Then, one day, Fisherman Number One, who didn’t own the boat at the moment, approached Fisherman Number Two and said he wanted to repurchase it. “Jest sold her to an outsider”, replied Fisherman Number Two. Whereupon Fisherman Number One flew in a tantrum and shouted at him, “Blast it! Here we’ve gone and built up a business thet was gettin’ bigger and bigger all the time — and you’ve gone and wrecked it!”

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