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  • Cape Cod GPS Waypoints: Places w/ Maps Latitude & Longitude Coordinates
    GPS latitude & longitude coordinates for thousands of places on Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket. Search by type or place name. View results in list or map format.
  • Cape Cod Beach Maps & Driving Directions
    The Cape Cod area is home to hundreds of beaches. Along Cape Cod Bay, Nantucket Sound and the Atlantic Ocean, some of these beaches are considered some of the best in the world. Beach related activities…
  • O’Shea’s Olde Inne At West Dennis
    Under new ownership, O’Shea’s Olde…
  • Too Many Seals, Not Enough Sharks
    The growing seal population on the Cape will be an ever increasing problem into the future. As a commercial…
  • Test Your Own Work
    No matter how comical or absurd the early Puritan laws may seem, it must be remembered that the motive was to make the people better and more equal. To produce a moral and a pure Christian life was…
  • The Salt Industry
    At one time there were several hundred salt manufactories on the Cape. It all started when Capt. John “Sleepy” Sears constructed
  • Blackfish Invasions
    Blackfish up to twenty feet long frequently ground themselves on Cape Cod beaches. There are many theories as to why they beach themselves in this manner.
  • Driving Directions From New York City to Cape Cod
    If driving to Cape Cod from NY City, you are going to take Interstate 95 North through Connecticut and Providence then take Interstate 195 East to Route 25. You will enter the Cape over the Bourne Bridge…
  • Sam Diego’s Hyannis
    Since 1982, Sam Diego’s has been offering…
  • Cape Cod Area Weather: NEXRAD Radar Loop
    National Weather Service Boston Zone radar loop: NEXRAD (Next Generation Radar) obtains weather information (precipitation and wind) based upon returned energy. The radar emits a burst of energy (green).…
  • Town of Mashpee MA Overview & Map
    The Town of Mashpee is the fastest growing municipality in Massachusetts. Along with the Martha’s Vineyard Town of Gay Head, it is also unique as one of the remaining homes of the Wampanoag Nation,…
  • Town of Harwich MA Overview & Map
    The Town of Harwich is a resort and residential community located on the south side of the Cape, with an extensive shoreline on Nantucket Sound. Harwich is a large town and enjoys the distinction of…
  • Black Sheep Bah and Grill Yarmouth Port
    Located off Route 6A YarmouthPort in the Fiddlers…
  • Sundancer’s West Dennis
    Established in 1983, this waterfront restaurant…
  • The British Beer Company Hyannis
    The British Beer Company founded in 1997, is a great…
  • Bobby Byrne’s Pub Restaurant Hyannis
    Founded in 1973, Bobby Byrne’s has…
  • Boston to Provincetown Fast Ferry
    This summer, make the trip between Boston and Provincetown in speed and style. Forget about
  • Town of Falmouth MA Overview & Map
    Falmouth is the second largest town in the county in land area and is a very attractive and modern place. Falmouth likely has one of the longest coastlines in Massachusetts. Consequently, there is a…
  • Town of Eastham MA Overview & Map
    Located in the lower Cape area, the town is bounded on two sides by land and on the other sides by water, the Atlantic Ocean and Cape Cod Bay. Once heavily forested, the stands of oak and pine were…
  • Meet Your Local Shellfish Aquaculture Farmer
    Here’s a chance to meet, up close and personal those hardworking Lower Cape Cod Aquaculturists. Find out how they got started, what keeps them doing it, how they work their Aquaculture Grants,…
  • Elizabeth Islands (Gosnold, Massachusetts)
    The Elizabeth Islands, located northwest of Martha’s Vineyard and southeast of New Bedford, were discovered in 1602 by
  • Nomans Land Island (aka Nomansland Island)
    This little mentioned 628 acre island a few miles southwest of Martha’s Vineyard was discovered in 1602 by
  • The Winter of 1875
    The winter of 1874-‘75 was one long to be remembered on Cape Cod. The cold was extreme and locked tight every harbor along the shore.
  • Town of Dennis MA Overview & Map
    Dennis, named an All American Town in 1978, combines its traditional New England heritage with modern day conveniences. Once famous for its
  • Cape Cod Traffic Reports & Car Travel Tips
    Traffic is a big factor in getting around on Cape Cod. Even in the off-season traffic can be a factor. Try to plan your trip to and from the Cape to avoid traffic congestion, especially at both the…
  • Town of Chatham MA Overview & Map
    Chatham a substantial old town and home to one of the largest fishing fleets on the Cape, was settled in 1656 by a handful of Pilgrims, whose surnames still dominate the town’s census list. At…
  • Town of Brewster MA Overview & Map
    Brewster is an historic sea captains’ town located on the bay side of Cape Cod. Established in 1803, the town encompasses approximately twenty three square miles, including over 325 acres of beach…
  • Town of Bourne MA Overview & Map
    The Town of Bourne is a medium-sized rural community at the gateway to Cape Cod. Bourne contains the famous Cape Cod canal…
  • Town of Barnstable MA Overview & Map
    Barnstable is the largest town both in population and area. It covers approximately 74 square miles of territory. It extends clear across the Cape from North to South. Bordered by Cape Cod Bay on the…
  • The Mashpee Indians
    The Cape Cod Indians were made up of several tribes. Of these the Mashpee were the most important. Richard Bourne, the first minister in charge of an Indian Church at Mashpee labored faithfully and…
  • Fishing Spots: Smuggler’s Beach Fishing Pier South Yarmouth
    At the mouth of Bass River, on the west or Yarmouth side, there is a fishing pier at Smuggler’s Beach (aka Bass River Beach). From about 9 am to 4 pm this is a paid beach parking area during the…
  • Sirloin Steak - 18c A Pound!
    An old-time East Dennis resident reminiscing days gone by in that community, recalled the manner of doing business there.
  • Yankee Weather Rhymes
    There are many Yankee rhymes and sayings about the weather. Here is an old one:
  • Strange Discovery
    When they first arrived at Provincetown, the Pilgrims did a fair amount of exploring the Cape. One day some of the Pilgrims wandering on Cape Cod noticed a heap of sand. Curiosity led their steps to…
  • Health Care: Doctors, Hospitals & Walk-In Clinics
    Hopefully your stay on Cape Cod will be free of injuries and illness. Should you require medical attention, there are several doctors, walk-in clinics and hospitals prepared to take care of you. Here…
  • Fishing Spots: Parker’s River Rt. 28 Yarmouth
    Parker’s River is a popular fishing spot in Yarmouth. There is plenty of parking and a fishing pier on the North side of the Route 28 bridge. You can catch flounder, fluke, striped bass, small…
  • The Red Jacket
    One event of Yarmouth that is of interest to the lovers of the sea is the voyage of the Red Jacket. Captain Asa Eldridge was her skipper who made a record voyage across the Atlantic in thirteen…
  • Give And Take, Early Colonial Trade
    The fishing trade caught hold in the Massachusetts Colony from the very first (1630-1650). The colony, in September, 1630 petitioned King James I of England “for the preventing of disorderly trade,…
  • The Ruling Hand
    Cape Cod once held the ruling power that rightfully belongs in Boston.
  • Orders is Orders
    Just before Christmas, in 1915, an old salt who was skippering his own schooner, the George Smith, sailed into New Bedford harbor en route to New York with a load of lumber. He had had an experience…
  • Common Large Whales of New England
    Whale watching is a very popular activity on Cape Cod. Whale watch excursions run regularly from Barnstable Harbor, Provincetown and Plymouth. Here is a list of the large whales most often seen in Cape…
  • Average Cape Cod Temperatures By Month
    Seasonal temperatures on Cape Cod are relatively mild due to the Cape being surrounded by water. This keeps the Cape’s average temperatures cooler in Summer and warmer in Winter.
  • Cape Cod Chambers of Commerce
    The local chamber of commerce can be a great source for vacation information for tourists visiting the Cape Cod area. Here is a list of all the chambers of commerce on Cape Cod by town:
  • And Nothing Can Be Done About It
    The old Cape skippers weren’t much for the sentimental side of life. They lived a hard and dangerous life and had to accustom themselves to the unpleasantries of such a mode of living.
  • Case Against the Mooncussers
    The stories about Cape Cod salvagers, or wreckers, especially those of Chatham, have been many, some good and others not so savory, as evidence those connected with the notorious “
  • Farmer Indians
    The Indians whom the Pilgrims found at Plymouth when they first arrived were not a scrappy lot. They were, in fact, all that remained of probably several hundred thousands of Indians who earlier lived…
  • Cape Cod Campgrounds and Camping Areas
    Camping is a very popular alternative to staying in a vacation rental or
  • Setting Out For Greener Pastures
    Three hundred fifty plus years ago land on Cape Cod could be had simply for the moving in on it. This is what started up new villages.
  • Versatile Signs
    We know about the old-time New England land signs and beliefs of the weather to come. But old predictions weren’t only about the weather. A sign could be found, it seems, for almost everything.…
  • Without Spirit
    For a long time the raising of rooftrees on Cape Cod was a merry occasion, and then for long it was a sober, businesslike time, as witnessed by this dispatch from Wellfleet, August 30, 1829:
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