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We know about the old-time New England land signs and beliefs of the weather to come. But old predictions weren’t only about the weather. A sign could be found, it seems, for almost everything. And just as with the signs of weather, some of these old beliefs are still referred to today.

When scientific research can forecast amazing things, and there seems to be more than an abundance of “remedies before the sickness”. You will recognize many of the following, and have probably said some of them at least once yourself.

If you sneeze before breakfast, you will have company before dinner.

If the candles on your table should spark, there is a letter at the post office for you.

And if your right hand itches, you will soon shake hands with a stranger, if it is your left hand, you will receive unexpected money.

A swarm of bees in June, is worth a silver spoon.

One of the group will be married within the year if four people meeting in a crowded place shake hands crosswise.

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