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Cape Cod Beach Grass

Many types of beach grass and dune plants are found along the sandy shores of Cape Cod. Common beach grass helps protect the sandy hills or dunes against erosion. Some “dune grass” is planted specifically for this purpose. Other types of plants are common in the dunes of the Cape.

Dusty miller has flowers, pale green found on each stem.

Seabeach sandwort has small flowers that grow out from the from leaf intersections. The leaves of yellow are covered with white, fuzzy hairs. It grows from July to September.

Beach pea has violet-blue flowers in clusters. It is named after the seed pods attached to the stems.

Salt-spray rose grows in dense thickets. The fowers are white or purple-red. The leaves are dark-green, with serrated edges. Five-nine leaves are are thick and oval.

Cocklebur has heart-shaped, toothedged leaves, purplish stems, and burs. It grows from late August to October.

Bayberry has dark green, oval-shaped, serrated-edged leaves and clusters of round berries with a gray-like wax coating.

Beach plum has red-brown branches with tawny-spotted bark and white-pink flowers. The fruit is either red-purple or blue-purple.

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