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  • Nomans Land Island (aka Nomansland Island)
    This little mentioned 628 acre island a few miles southwest of Martha’s Vineyard was discovered in 1602 by
  • Vikings at Dennis?
    Was it at Dennis that “Vinland” of the Norse sagas was located? Over 50 years ago, under the supervision of the Massachusetts Archeological Society and the Cape Cod chamber of commerce,…
  • The Norse Wall
    Thorwald Ericson, Leif Ericson’s brother, was said to be exploring the coast of Cape Cod about 1,000 years ago, when his ship was driven ashore at Provincetown in a terrible storm, in which the…
  • Who Was the First White Native Cape Codder?
    For every fact about Cape Cod there seem to be a dozen fancies — stories and legends of happenings which may have occurred, or not, and which no one under the sun can possible prove or disprove.…
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