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Cape Cod Barnstable County Registry of Deeds Online Search

The Barnstable Registry of Deeds records can now be searched online. Once completed, the database will extend back to 1703, although that date is a bit misleading due to an event that occurred nearly 180 years ago.

On Oct. 22, 1827 a fire consumed the Barnstable County Court House, which stored the 93 books of the Registry of Deeds. Only one volume, Book 61 covering roughly the year of 1806, was saved. The records that do exist for dates prior to 1827 were re-created by recopying deeds and assembling paperwork held by families and attorneys.

We give the public full access to the same records available to anyone using the computer search screens at the Registry of Deeds building in Barnstable Village.  We have made available to you the following:

Recorded Land indexes and images from 1940 to the present (complete).
Recorded Land Plan indexes and images (complete).
*Land Court name index (incomplete, see the caveat at the bottom of the Land Court by Name search result page), Land Court Document images from 1899 to the present.

How to use the deed/title search functions:

Since there seems to be much confusion about how to search the records, here are a few tips:

1. You have to use the Internet Explorer browser to view the search page and search for records.
2. In the left pane (it is a framed webpage) look for the “Free Access” link and click on it.
3. Then look for the “Click here to Search Public Records” link and click on it.
4. You made it in and can run the following queries:

Recorded Land by Name
Recorded Land by Book & Page
Recorded Land by Year & Inst #
Recorded Land by Entry Date
All Land Docs by Address
Land Court by Name
Land Court by Document #
Land Court by Certificate #
Land Court by Entry Date
Recorded Land Plans by Name
Recorded Land Plans by Book-Page
Land Court Plans by Plan #

5. The site uses popups to display the documents, so you will need to turn off any popup blockers you may have installed.

Click Here to get started. Good luck!

Click Here for More Information...

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Cape Cod
Posted by Cape Cod - (website) on 02/05/06
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@ Ann
You may be able to call/visit the Sandwich Town Hall and find out that info if it is unavailable through the Registry of Deeds search.

@ scosta205
Not sure what difficulty you are having?
Try this:
Get to the site by clicking the “more information” link above.
On the left hand side, click the “Free Access” link. On this page (left side frame) click the “Click here to access CAPEVIEW” link. From there you can select whatever search you want. The results will appear in the right frame.

It looks like you also need to be using Microsoft Internet Explorer to access the site.

Posted by Cape Cod from Cape Cod, Massachusetts on 06/11/07 at 08:45 PM | #

I need to get a copy of a deed for two time shares to arrange a sale and transfer of ownership. Where should I write? Can I do it by e-mail?

Posted by Dr. Steve Wickson from Santa Monica, CA on 06/17/08 at 11:20 PM | #

How do I become a member so I can log in and get full information. Thank You

Posted by Susan Keenan from Salem MA on 07/07/08 at 01:42 AM | #

I am trying to find out if a property I am trying to buy has a mechanics lien on it. I was told to come here. But I do not see a place to ask that question, or to look it up. Can I even research this online?

Posted by Louis Holly from cape cod, ma on 12/16/08 at 10:31 PM | #

I recently seen a news program that informed me you could find your landlords mortgage amount for the property you are renting by coming to this website. I am unable to get anywhere and its seems what should be simple is a long process.

Posted by yvette smith from dennisport on 02/03/09 at 09:00 PM | #

Can not open the site even though I followed all the directions to access free. DO NOT LIKE IT way to complicated

Posted by Sharon Grant on 02/16/09 at 04:28 PM | #

To the person trying to sell their timeshare. If you are a Breakers or Edgewater owner you may not actually own your property. Do not accept a license if a deed was promised. We are a consumer protection group committed to protecting the rights of timeshare owners. We can be reached at 1-407-590-8180. We are holding owners meetings in the Cape as well as RI and Conn. I wish you the very best with your timeshare. Sincerely. Carol A. Riley. Timeshare Advocates

Posted by carol on 07/02/09 at 04:22 AM | #

Why are some mortgages recorded in Land Court by Document # and others recorded by Book and Page? What is the difference?
RE: Barnstable County Registry of Deeds

Posted by Diane from new york on 01/04/10 at 02:33 AM | #

I often find that when I click “doc” to see the full texts of old deeds, what comes up is entirely the wrong text (right book and page but a completely different deed).  For example, Isaac Winslow sale to Benjamin S. Crosby in 1831 is listed as Book 8 page 100—but when I click on “doc” and get the actual text, it turns out to be James Chase to Ruth Chase. What can I do to get what I actually need, short of driving to Barnstable?
This has happened several times before.

Posted by ELLEN ST SURE from BREWSTER on 03/11/10 at 07:52 PM | #

I recently refinanced from Cape Cod Five to Chase Home finance and received a letter stating that I have to notify registry of Deeds.Not sure what i have to do. Also would like to add my sons name to my deed and not sure how to do this either. than you

Posted by Anita Bartell from Mashpee 02649 on 10/28/10 at 07:09 PM | #

I got an email telling me that someone had finally responded to my complaint but I can only find the complaint itself.  Where can I find the response???????

Posted by ellen st. sure from brewster on 11/02/10 at 08:43 PM | #

How do I go about changing the spelling on a land deed without spending hundreds of dollars on a lawyer.

Posted by Patrick Kelleher from Falmouth on 12/14/10 at 08:21 PM | #

I changed the registry of deeds access link above and I will repeat again here:

Click Here to access the official Barnstable County Registry of Deeds search website.  Good luck!

I wrote this article 5 years ago to try to help people find and properly access the official BCROD site since it is a bit tricky, to say the least.

I just want to make sure that everyone knows that CapeLinks is NOT part of the Barnstable County registry of deeds and we are NOT responsible for their website.

Posted by Cape Cod from Cape Cod, Massachusetts on 01/02/11 at 03:44 AM | #

any Barnes’
please write
especially if interested in geneology.

Posted by Donald Barnes from alabama usa on 01/07/11 at 01:53 PM | #

I am hoping to connect to any possible ancestors. My ancestor, John Hinkley, and others settled in Barnstable in 1640.
Thank you, Gary Hinkley

Posted by Gary Hinkley from San Diego, CA. on 10/10/12 at 02:06 AM | #

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