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Cape Cod Moon Over Cape Cod

Early Cape Codders, in fact, Cape Codders up to not so very long ago, like other New Englanders, believed that the moon had a profound influence over many departments of the people’s lives.

Making love in the soft light of the moon was especially effective, though the brighter sun of the following day might dispel some of the loved one’s glamour when seen more clearly.

The influence of the moon on the tides was known and of course was undoubted. A new moon that had its horns pointing upward was a dry moon and there would be no rain for awhile; but a new moon semi-reclining, so to speak, on its side, would allow the rain to drop out, and therefore wet weather could be expected.

It was rather risky to gaze too much on the moon, or to sleep with the moon shining down on one, for one would likely become moonstruck, much as too much sun could cause one to become sunstruck (The word “loony” signified moon-struck persons and came from the Latin luna, moon).

In the old days, a women would always wait for the new moon before trimming the ends of her hair. Some mothers preferred to cut their children’s hair in the increase of the moon for then it would grow more luxuriantly. Some farmers believed there was a time in the showing of the moon when they could best sow hemp and flax.

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