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  • Captain Kidd Was Here
    No seacoast with miles of beaches, little hideaways along the shore and wild stretches of seacoast would have a complete story without a legend of pirates and
  • Nomans Land Island (aka Nomansland Island)
    This little mentioned 628 acre island a few miles southwest of Martha’s Vineyard was discovered in 1602 by
  • A Young Pirate Sailed on the Whydah
    Members of Barry Clifford’s team have identified the partial remains of the youngest known pirate to sail U.S. waters, a 9-year-old boy who eagerly joined
  • The Crew of 102
    One hundred and two men, the crew of a pirate ship, were once buried on the beach at Welifleet. They were the crew of the Whydah, a ship of about 200 tons. It was armed with twenty-three guns…
  • Captain Kidd’s Pirate Treasure
    Captain Kidd, according to local tradition, buried his gold at Money Head on Hog Island in Pleasant Bay, off Orleans.
  • Yo! Ho! The Jolly Roger!
    This rousing tale of a pirate attack was told by a Wellfleet descendant of Captain Samuel Snow of Truro, Cape Cod.
  • The Mooncussers of Cape Cod
    There is a tradition that a band of robbers anciently infested the shores of Cape Cod. These robbers, on horses, are said to have decoyed vessels on the rocks in the darkest of nights by means of large…
  • Pirate Gold For The Digging
    Somewhere on Cape Cod on a lonely stretch of beach there, are hoards of pirate treasure. The Cape was a hideout for pirates. The story is told of one man of odd and frightful look who visited the Cape…
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