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Cape Cod Wind and Weather

The winds that assure us good weather blow to us from the northwest, west, or southwest. In fact, it is said that, except for thunderstorms, no bad weather ever comes to us from the west.

But from the northeast, east, and south, we must occasionally expect rain on our vacation on the Cape. However, some of the most glorious days we have are those which are so clear, cool, and sunny, with a steady east wind blowing and the air so clear that distant objects seem much nearer than at other times. In fact, such rarity of the air may itself be taken for a sign that the weather man is cooking up a change for a day or so later.

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Readers Digest, American Folklore and Legend.  Page 14. Minister and Magician
Rev. Richard Bourne tried to convert the Indians to Christianity.  He challenged the witch doctor to a contest of wills. After 15 days the witch doctor fell asleep.  Rev. Bourne stayed awake because a white dove keep him strong by giving him a cranberry when he became sleepy. Bourne ran home and got soup to revive the witch doctor and the Indians became Christians.  One of the cranberries fell into the sandy bog and that was the beginning of the cranberries on Cape Cod.  Have you heard about this folktale?

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