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  • Pilgrim Bill of Fare
    The Pilgrims had a tough time to survive their first winter. Food was the biggest problem. Hungry people cannot fight weakness or discouragement half so well as when they are filled and their appetites…
  • Traces of the Indians
    The original name of Hyannis is of Indian derivation as are many of the Cape towns. This original Indian name was Iyannough, in honor of the young sachem who first received and welcomed the colonists.…
  • Peat Moss Diapers
    Cape Cod Indians were as ingenious as the Cape Codders who followed them to settle on the narrow land. And even peat moss, or bog moss, as it is often called, had its purpose. This tight springy and…
  • The Mashpee Indians
    The Cape Cod Indians were made up of several tribes. Of these the Mashpee were the most important. Richard Bourne, the first minister in charge of an Indian Church at Mashpee labored faithfully and…
  • Farmer Indians
    The Indians whom the Pilgrims found at Plymouth when they first arrived were not a scrappy lot. They were, in fact, all that remained of probably several hundred thousands of Indians who earlier lived…
  • The Great Plague
    The reason the Pilgrims met no Indians aside from Samoset during the early days of their settlement was that in 1617, three years before the Pilgrims arrived, a terrible plague had spread from a Maine…
  • Copper Plates In His Ears
    When Gosnold, touring the eastern side of Cape Cod on his first voyage here, landed at what he named…
  • They Lived Dangerously
    The early settlers of Massachusetts lived in great tension. They lived dangerously, like people in a state of war.
  • 1,000 Year Old Indian Murder
    In the spring of 1966, a 1000 year old murder was discovered through an archeological trip by three Harvard students. Two skeletons were…
  • Mashpee in 1837
    John Hayward, in his New England Gazetteer; published 1839, had this to say about Mashpee, which he spelled “Marshpee”:
  • John Alden Settles the Matter
    The Pilgrims and the Indians got along very well. There were a few arguments but none was serious. In 1657 the inhabitants of the Town of Yarmouth had a disagreement with the Indian sachem Yanno, or…
  • The Indians Saved the Day
    An incident of historical significance was the part Yarmouth took in the expedition against the French, and the capture of the Canadian stronghold. In 1745, forty white men and thirteen Pawkunnawakut…
  • Deed To Eastham
    At a special ceremony in August (1951), a copy of the original deed from the Indians which was given to the Town in 1666 was presented by the Secretary of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to the Town…
  • Cranberry for Cosmetics
    The little red cranberry is a native American fruit. The native indians of Cape Cod who used to dwell here used cranberries as medicine.
  • Last Nantucket Indian
    The last Indian of the tribe that once inhabited the Island of Nantucket, died there in November, 1854.
  • Furs and Wampum
    The first settlers in Cape Cod got themselves established largely by trade with the Indians.
  • Six Pairs of Pants Bought Yarmouth
    Six coats, six pairs of small breeches, two hatchets, and a like number of hoes, besides two brass kettles in good working order, was the price paid for most of what is now the town of Yarmouth, Massachusetts.…
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