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Cape Cod False Teeth: Colonial Cosmetic Dentistry

False teeth, in 1768, were only made to talk with and display and certainly not made for help in eating. As a clue to the way in which people were outfitted with missing teeth, note this advertisement in 1795:

Live Teeth. Those Persons inclined to dispose of Live Teeth may apply to Templeton. Whereas many Persons are so unfortunate as to lose their Fore Teeth by Accident or Otherways to their great detriment not only in looks but in speaking both public and private.

This is to inform all such that they may have them replaced with artificial ones that look as well as the Natural and answer the End of Speaking by Paul Revere, Silversmith, near the head of Dr. Clark’s wharf. All persons who have had False Teeth Fixed by Mr. Jos. Baker, Surgeone Dentist, and They have got loose as they will in Time may have them fastened by above said Revere who learnst the method of fixing them from Mr. Baker.

It looks as though Paul Revere’s fame lay not only in his silversmithing, but in false tooth fashioning as well.

Cosmetic dentistry has come a long way since colonial times.

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I think that false teeth are great for people who are longing to have the same feel and look of real teeth, but are unable to maintain their natural teeth due to deterioration and the like.

Posted by Jun from UT on 09/27/10 at 08:40 PM | #

Smiths commonly applied their craft to prosthesis, especially after the Civil War.

Posted by Dr James from Cape Cod on 01/05/12 at 06:18 AM | #

Cosmetic Dental procedures have come a long way! Finding a quality dentist these days is way easier. I was fortunate to get a referral for a really good Salt Lake City Dentist from a friend.

Posted by Dental Review from Salt Lake City, UT on 03/14/12 at 04:12 AM | #

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