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Cape Cod Footless Fowl

Just as there are “Cape Cod Cats”, so also is there what some folks call “Cape Cod Turkey”.

Cape Cod turkey has no feet and doesn’t gobble-gobble the way real turkeys do. It’s dried salt codfish, and we suspect that someone not a born Cape Codder fastened the name “Cape Cod Turkey” to it.

At any rate, so-called Cape Cod turkey makes a most delightful dish. You need a real appetite, because it’s a “hearty” dish, and today you’ll have a hard job to get real hand-salted codfish. But what you get at the local chain store, in boxes or cartons, will do very well. Anyway you eat it, it tastes more than good, but be sure to get most of the salt out of it by thoroughly soaking it in water.

Cape Cod turkey in the form of creamed salt codfish and served with boiled potatoes is one of the finest ways to enjoy this “bird.”

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Posted by Cape Cod - (website) on 05/10/06
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