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  • The Mormon Movement
    A number of Cape Codders became Mormons during the early 19th century, and shared prominently in the persecutions and struggles of the Mormon movement as it trended toward its final home in the West.…
  • Where Did They Get Those Names?
    The names of Cape Cod towns and villages make a deep impression on minds curious about such matters. Are you one of those who wonder where the names come from?
  • Colonial Christmas
    Santa comes to the Cape at Christmas time now just as merrily as to any other part of the country, and the Cape Cod kids keep as close a watch and are as impatient, too, as other kids for the time of…
  • Fishing Spots: Scargo Lake Dennis, MA
    Scargo Lake in Dennis is the only regularly stocked trout pond in the Town of Dennis. I grew up near here and spent many Spring days here fishing for trout and smallmouth bass.
  • Interesting Old Tavern
    In North Falmouth there is a structure known as “the Old Tavern.” It was built over two hundred years ago (1785) and has an interesting historical background.
  • Old Town Clock
    When the four faces of Provincetown’s Town Clock took to disagreeing with one another, they started one of the old town’s liveliest Town Hall debates in many a year.
  • Smiling Cape Cod!
    Those sparkling Irish eyes that are smiling in the well-known song are matched by the bright smiling aspect of Cape Cod as it lies beneath a summer sky whose sun makes the waters dance for joy. Again,…
  • Cape Cod Canal II?
    Is the present Canal the second canal that Cape Cod has had? In one sense, yes. For, back in 1717, and doubtless before then, there was a narrow passage of clear water that found its way through “Jeremy’s…
  • Clam Cakes
    For a quick lunch or supper that can be mixed early in the day for fast cooking at the eleventh hour, there is nothing like Cape Cod Clam Cakes.
  • Yo! Ho! The Jolly Roger!
    This rousing tale of a pirate attack was told by a Wellfleet descendant of Captain Samuel Snow of Truro, Cape Cod.
  • Eastham Was Once Nauset
    The Town of Eastham on Cape Cod was first known as Nauset. The early history of the town shows that it once also included Wellfleet, Orleans, and certain parts of Truro and Harwich.
  • Cape Cod’s Black Magic
    If you are standing one evening on a Harwich shore, and, looking off towards Monomoy, suddenly see the shrubs elongate themselves into trees, and sand dunes on the far eastern horizon seem to be mysteriously…
  • Half A Chimney Half A Door
    We hope that the two persons who first owned the Cahoon House in Osterville got along well together. They would have been an unhappy pair had they not, for they were bound together by the house which…
  • The Oldest Windmill
    The oldest windmill on Cape Cod stood at the road to West Yarmouth. The owner sold it to Henry Ford of automobile fame. He moved it from the Cape to his Dearborn Greenfield Village Museum.
  • Online Grocery Shopping
    Hate grocery shopping? Try online grocery delivery. Instead of going to the grocery store or supermarket you can enter your grocery list online and have your groceries delivered right to your door.…
  • A Ship Captain At Twenty-one
    When we think of today’s huge ships, we think of vessels with very complex machinery. It takes schooling, college-going and maritime training to know how to captain or “skipper” such…
  • Wooden Chimneys
    Since, even today, our well made chimneys are often sources of fire risk, it is astonishing to learn that early Cape Codders once used chimneys of wood.
  • Just What Is Cape Cod?
    From time to time this question is talked about by people who do not live on the Cape. They have a vague notion that the Cape begins at some point on the coast south of Boston and extends to its sea-most…
  • Cape Cod Floral, Fresh Flowers Florist
    Fresh long lasting flowers available direct from the grower at Cape Cod Floral. We provide the freshest flowers available from…
  • The Camp Meeting
    A few years after the railroad came to the Cape, it attracted to Yarmouth the “camp meeting”. A Methodist gathering that has seen no counterpart in our modern day.
  • Sea Chest Gift Shop, Rt. 28, West Yarmouth
    Years ago, the Sea Chest Gift Shop was a Cape Cod landmark. The building is still there and is easy to spot. It is the only one around that is shaped like a pirate’s treasure chest. The treasure…
  • How to Have a Clambake Video
    Here is a cool video about having a clambake. It runs about 23 minutes and covers the traditional clambake on the beach, a professional clambake with rented metal racks and the backyard clambake.
  • Some Baby!
    Richard, son of the late President Cleveland (in office 1885-89), was born on Cape Cod. Cape Codders always get a chuckle when they tell the undying story of the weighing of the new baby.
  • Names That Fascinate
    From the Cape Cod Canal all down the Cape to the tip where Provincetown clusters its old houses and people, there are only fifteen towns. Yet many of these towns have “villages,” and many…
  • A Foggy Story
    In Harwich Port there used to live (they say) a man named Cap’n Bunce, who owned a little house. One foggy morning Cap’n Bunce set a Chatham man to work shingling his roof.
  • Inside a Cape Cod House
    Cape Cod houses fool people. They are roomier on the inside than anyone judging from their outside appearance, would guess.
  • Where is Suckanesset?
    Why, where the Town of Falmouth is! For Suckanesset was the Indian name for the territory when Bartholomew…
  • Stones Worth Noting
    Angels in fullface on old grave stones, Yes! But angels in profile, seldom. Barnstable graveyards have the rare examples of the profile of angels carved in the old stones.
  • Nary a Painter
    An unpainted house today draws attention to itself by the very fact that it is unpainted. It is either a new house not yet ready to live in, or an old, neglected, weather-worn house that, once upon…
  • Meals Aboard A Whaler
    The staple dish on some whaling ships was a thing called Lobscouse—a stew made of hard-tack and slush (fat), boiled with molasses and water. Potato Scouse was the same thing, with potatoes substituted…
  • Big Eats At Eastham
    Eastham was incorporated as a town in 1651. In the summer of 1951 Eastham celebrated its three hundredth anniversary. One day, as part of the gala celebration, there was a giant clambake.
  • Bayberry Candles
    The history of the bayberry is an ancient one. Doctors in the early days used the melted berries as a salve. The natives soon found them good for making candles.
  • Consider the Oyster!
    Oysters are a favorite Cape Cod shellfish. Our Wellfleet is home to the “Wellfleet oyster”, considered to be one of the world’s best oysters for generations. After Wellfleet’s…
  • Cape Cod Going North?
    The following is a report from 1955 regarding the warming of local ocean waters and it’s effect on Cape codfish stocks:
  • Whale Sinks Whaler
    This interesting piece of information comes from the Vineyard Gazette for July 21, 1854, and, incidentally, shows how slowly news traveled in those days.
  • By Horse to High
    Cape Cod high schoolers of today either walk to school or go there by bus, automobile, or bicycle. But a century or so back, the boys of Falmouth frequently drove to school by horse and would “park”…
  • Yankee Storm
    When Cape Cod was a great fishing center, hundreds of vessels went to the mackerel grounds in the Gulf of St. Lawrence.
  • Glorification of Glass
    For three decades in the 19th century, Sandwich boasted of glassworks that were not only the largest in the country but were the source of such new and extraordinarily beautiful wares that they created…
  • How Dennis Got Its Name
    Reverend Josiah Dennis settled on the Cape in what was to be known as Dennis. In 1865 Dennis was a thriving and flourishing town of 48 fishing vessels.
  • Mackerel Sky
    The beautiful sky-cloud formation which is composed of thousands of small clouds, slightly overlapping, and very high up, is often called a “mackerel sky” from its fancied pattern resemblance…
  • When A Lobster Does The Split
    The way a lobster fights to get out of its shell in June and August never fails to arouse wonder. By thrashing about and going into contortions of a lobster type, the creature splits its old shell all…
  • The Sword of the Sea
    One of the most impressive among many impressive kinds of fishes is the swordfish. Strong, supple, and daring beyond words, the swordfish rips into a school of mackerel, slashing and cutting with its…
  • Trout Fishing
    The Cape is home to some great freshwater fishing. Growing up here, I did quite a bit of freshwater fishing for trout and bass. This article covers trout and salmon stocking and the ponds that are stocked…
  • Provincetown Creamed Codfish
    1/2 pound salt codfish 2 tablespoons butter or margarine 2 tablespoons flour teaspoon pepper 1 cup milk Dash of Tabasco sauce 1 egg, beaten
  • Shooks & Flukes
    The days and nights, month after month, spent on the famous whaling ships of Cape Cod were filled with hours of excitement, adventure, of times when men and small ship were pitted against the churning…
  • Whale Carries Harpoon 20 Years
    Starbuck, in his History of the American Whale Fishery, carries a note from the New Bedford Shipping List which says that Captain Hamblen, of the bark Andrew Hicks, from Westport, Massachusetts,…
  • Great New England Clambake
    The following is a “how to have a clambake” guide from long ago. It gives us an idea of how it was to have a clambake back in the day.
  • The Roccus Lineatus (striped bass)
    Striped bass fishing reports and striper fishing tips from more than half a century ago.
  • Fishing Report August 1948
    55 pound stripers and giant bluefin tuna were the catch of the week. The following fishing report is from mid August of 1948:
  • Burke-Taylor Men’s Resort Apparel
    Years ago Burke-Taylor had an apparel shop in Chatham. Their slogan was: “New England’s Most Unusual Resort Apparel”
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