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Places/Waypoints on Cape Cod, Martha's Vineyard, & Nantucket

Cape Cod Waypoints: (places)

Search over 3100 Cape Cod, Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket waypoints.

The places or "waypoints" are in the following categories:.

airport - manmade facility maintained for the use of aircraft (airfield, airstrip, landing field, landing strip).

area - any one of several really extensive natural features not included in other categories (badlands, barren, delta, fan, garden).

bar - natural accumulation of sand, gravel, or alluvium forming an underwater or exposed embankment (ledge, reef, sandbar, shoal, spit).

basin - natural depression or relatively low area enclosed by higher land (amphitheater, cirque, pit, sink).

bay - indentation of a coastline or shoreline enclosing a part of a body of water; a body of water partly surrounded by land (arm, bight, cove, estuary, gulf, inlet, sound).

beach - the sloping shore along a body of water that is washed by waves or tides and is usually covered by sand or gravel (coast, shore, strand).

bend - curve in the course of a stream and (or) the land within the curve; a curve in a linear body of water (bottom, loop, meander).

bridge - manmade structure carrying a trail, road, or other transportation system across a body of water or depression (causeway, overpass, trestle).

building - a manmade structure with walls and a roof for protection of people and (or) materials, but not including church, hospital, or school.

canal - manmade waterway used by watercraft or for drainage, irrigation, mining, or water power (ditch, lateral).

cape - projection of land extending into a body of water (lea, neck, peninsula, point).

cemetery - a place or area for burying the dead (burial, burying ground, grave, memorial garden).

channel - linear deep part of a body of water through which the main volume of water flows and is frequently used as a route for watercraft (passage, reach, strait, thoroughfare, throughfare).

church - building used for religious worship (chapel, mosque, synagogue, tabernacle, temple).

civil - a political division formed for administrative purposes (borough, county, town, township).

cliff - very steep or vertical slope (bluff, crag, head, headland, nose, rim, rimrock).

crossing - a place where two or more routes of transportation form a junction or intersection (overpass, underpass).

dam - water barrier or embankment built across the course of a stream or into a body of water to control and (or) impound the flow of water (breakwater, dike, jetty).

fishing spot - freshwater and saltwater fishing spots

flat - relative level area within a region of greater relief (clearing, glade, playa).

forest - bounded area of woods, forest, or grassland under the administration of a political agency (see "woods") (national forest, State forest).

gap - low point or opening between hills or mountains or in a ridge or mountain range (col, notch, pass, saddle, water gap, wind gap).

gut - relatively small coastal waterway connecting larger bodies of water or other waterways (creek, inlet, slough).

harbor - sheltered area of water where ships or other watercraft can anchor or dock (hono, port, roads, roadstead).

hospital - building where the sick or injured may receive medical or surgical attention (infirmary).

island - area of dry or relatively dry land surrounded by water or low wetland (isle, key, rock). (some island waypoints are also underwater ledges??, it's a government thing )

isthmus - narrow section of land in a body of water connecting two larger land areas.

lake - natural body of inland water (backwater, lagoon, pond, pool, waterhole).

locale - place at which there is or was human activity; it does not include populated places, mines, and dams (battlefield, crossroad, camp, farm, ghost town, landing, railroad siding, ranch, ruins, site, station, windmill).

military (historical) - place or facility formerly used for various aspects of or relating to military activity.

park - place or area set aside for recreation or preservation of a cultural or natural resource and under some form of government administration; not including National or State forests or Reserves (national historical landmark, national park, State park, wilderness area).

plain - a region of general uniform slope, comparatively level and of considerable extent (grassland, highland, kula, plateau, upland).

populated place - place or area with clustered or scattered buildings and a permanent human population (city, settlement, town, see also: village).

reserve - a tract of land set aside for a specific use (does not include forests, civil divisions, parks).

reservoir - artificially impounded body of water (lake, tank).

ridge - elevation with a narrow, elongated crest which can be part of a hill or mountain (crest, escarpment, hogback,  rim, spur).

school - building or group of buildings used as an institution for study, teaching, and learning (academy, college, high school, university).

sea - large body of salt water (gulf, ocean).

slope - a gently inclined part of the Earth's surface (grade, pitch).

spring - place where underground water flows naturally to the surface of the Earth (seep).

stream - linear body of water flowing on the Earth's surface (branch, brook, creek, river, run, slough).

summit - prominent elevation rising above the surrounding level of the Earth's surface; does not include pillars, ridges, or ranges (butte, head, hill, horn, knob, knoll, mound, mount, mountain, peak, rock).

swamp - poorly drained wetland, fresh or saltwater, wooded or grassy, possibly covered with open water (bog, marsh).

tower - a manmade structure, higher than its diameter, generally used for observation, storage, or electronic transmission.

trail - route for passage from one point to another; does not include roads or highways (jeep trail, path, ski trail).

tunnel - linear underground passageway open at both ends.

valley - linear depression in the Earth's surface that generally slopes from one end to the other (canyon, cove, draw, glen, gorge, gulch, gulf, hollow, ravine).

well - manmade shaft or hole in the Earth's surface used to obtain fluid or gaseous materials.

woods - small area covered with a dense growth of trees; does not include an area of trees under the administration of a political agency (see "forest").

wreck - shipwrecks and submerged obstructions

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